"Can you tell me what your name is", Doc Mitchell asked. I didn't have a clue and as I looked around his office I recognized things, knew how to use some of them but just couldn't remember what they were called. Finally, I saw some sulfer-tipped sticks used to start fires, focused hard and a word came to my damaged mind. "Matches", I croaked and was surprised how my own voice sounded so coarse. The doctor said something about reading in a book the story of Ulysses and his son, Telemachus. "It's not what I would have called you but if Machus is your name that's your name", Mitchell said, "Can you walk to that Vigor tester so we can see if your dogs are still barking" ? 5, 5, 7, 1, 6, 8, 8 is what the machine said I was. Doc said I was skilled in Lockpicking, Repair and Science. He said I was a Kamakaze and a Fast Shot. Then he gave me a Pip Boy and as I put it on, it flashed. It put a thought in my head, Concubernium. Doc Mitchell told me to see someone named Sunny but the voice in my head told me I had to go South.

I walked the road South out of Goodsprings and when the hill to my left ended I turned East and crossed a field North of a Shack with a Airplane behind it. I crouched to not be seen. I could not handle a fight because I was weak and confused. I wished I was invisible. I made my way across the field of flies to the railroad tracks and followed them South. I climbed the hills on each side of the tracks to avoid places and critters and eventually saw a town to my West with smoke coming from it. There was a road going East but I was afraid and went past the road and climbed the hill to the South of it before turning East. I stayed South of that road as it turned and saw a windmill in the distance. I was hungry and my head hurt really bad; I needed to stop for the night. I discovered Wolfhorn Ranch.

Somehow, I knew this place. Jumbled memories. Did I used to live here ? No, that was not it. I knew someone who lived here, yes. I found a Stealth Boy in the watch tower behind the shack. Then I found the grave. A womans grave, well cared for and with a nice view of the valley below. I sat down beside the grave and wept. Not for lost love; the body burried here was not my woman. She was his woman. His wife. He blamed me for her death, hated me with a hate that could destroy a nation. There was so much I didn't understand, a bullet in the brain will do that to a person. At times it was like a dream, like I was a character in a game but this, this I did understand. He blamed me for killing his wife and he was right. I caused this. I wept for my own guilt. I took her from him to hurt him. For revenge. He should not have told them. "A Frumentari addicted to Hydra, had I gone native" he asked ? "Look at you calling me a profligate", I scorned back, "You care more for that woman than for Caesar himself". I remembered the words but did not know what they meant. I remember us tearing each other apart, the hate. He told them and I had to run for my life. I took their books and left. Then he took them from me, hid them from me. The old me. The me that was filled with hate. As I sat there sobbing over her grave I was filled only with remorse. That robot should have left me in that grave; the world would have been a better place.

Doc Mitchell patched me up and got me walking but I was going to need an expert if I ever hoped to get my memories back, or at least the memories worth keeping. A big city like New Vegas should have a clinic that could help me so I decided to make my way there. I went down the hill from the grave to a sign that said Novac Searchlight and walked under it to a overpass. I met some caravaners at the top of the overpass and followed as they turned North. Suddenly, legion attacked them in a ambush. After the flood of emotion at the grave, I felt powerless and watched as the fire fight went down. When the dust had settled only one trader and her injured Caravan guard remained. I followed them to what looked like a Ranger station when another attack occured, killing them both. I took some of their things from them and continued North untill I approached a town with a big green monster. It looked scary so I avoided it and went East to HyWay 93. I passed several places but did not get close enough to know what they were, I just wanted to find New Vegas and the clinic so I kept pressing North.

I found the New Vegas Medical Clinic at the North East outskirts of the city and spoke to a Doctor Usanagi. I described my problem and she suggested that a Intelegence implant might help me but it cost $4000 caps. I only had a tenth of that so I decided I would gamble for the rest. I entered the Freeside East gate and went in Mick & Ralphs. I sold the things from the dead caravaners and bought a outfit called Naughty Nightwear. When I left the store some thugs started chassing me so I ran past the Mormon mission to the North gate. A guy there named Orris had a really big revolver and shot my persuers dead. I then went thru some blue doors and made my way to the Atomic Wrangler. I didn't have many caps left but had some Denarius and traded them for chips. I won $4000 caps and some nice clothes and returned to Usanagi for the implant. It did not help my memory.

I went back to Wolfhorn Ranch and went inside the farmhouse. Partially under the fridge without a door, I found a book, Tumblers Today. I found a note in the book saying that this was the last book he had to hide. There was also a memory chip, lest he forget or suffer a fate like mine, that listed the location of all his book hiding places. I thought that if I found all my books, they could restore me to what I used to be. I decided I would save any books I found until I had the comprehension to understand them fully. This is how I became the Wasteland Librarian.

My PipBoy map pointed to a location East of my position at a place called Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm. After a short walk I was there and found a book called Wasteland Survival Guide upstairs in the North barn. Then I followed the map East toward a place called Searchlight but the place had high radiation so I turned back to the farm. I decided to go North thru a field of flowers and the map chimed again and pointed to Broc Flower cave. I went in sneaking and saw some huge rats. I knew I could not survive a attack from them and started to turn away but then remembered the Stealth Boy I found. I used it and became almost invisible. The map said to follow the cave and bear right at every juncture. I was afraid as I crept past the massive rats and came to a room with science equipment. The map pointed not to a book but instead to a rifle. I grabbed it and a few other things and left the cave, fearing that the Stealth Boy would stop working and the rats would detect me. I returned to Goodsprings to meet this Sunny Smiles woman.

It was dark when I arrived in Goodsprings so I had a look at the map to see if any books were nearby. The pointer aimed at a White house close to the school. I went in and found the family asleep. On the book shelf in the living room was a book called Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual. It belonged to someone else. Now it belongs to me. I left before the family woke up. The map pointer now aimed at the gas station. I went there but the map indicated I go behind and North. I hugged the hillside as I made my way North and soon found myself atop a cliff looking down at some giant wasps with orange wings. I crept East along the ridge until I looked down and saw a grave. Inside Chance's Grave was not a book but a bloody combat knife. The next day Sunny taught me some things and I met some more Goodsprings residents. Just South of the third water source, I met a man named Barton Thorn who wore a traiders outfit. He needed help but my map pointed at a place South of where he asked me to go, to a place called Lone Wolf Radio where I found another Wasteland Survival Guide. From here my map pointed in several directions but Trudy said the men who shot me were heading to Primm so I went there.

There was trouble in Primm so I continued South. The map pointed to the Nevada Highway Patrol. People were shooting each other outside the building so I crept inside. Once inside I was attacked by two tough women and barely survived. I found a book on a desk in the same room called Guns and Bullets. After using first-aid and healing I went outside and the map pointer aimed at Mesquite Mountains Crater and Hell's Motel. As I approached I looked thru Ratslayers scope and saw horribly burned men roaming around the area. Not wanting to end up like those poor souls I decided to avoid the place for now. I turned South to find Mesquite Mountains Camp Site. I used the scope again and saw a trailer and to the West of it, farther up the hill, two tents. The pointer aimed at the North tent and as I approached, scorpions came after me. I took a couple of shots at them but they seemed hardly phased. I ran and dodged them as best I could. Ran in the tent, grabbed another Wasteland Survival Guide and ran south as fast as I could. The pointer aimed at the Nipton Road Reststop so I ran there. Big mistake. There were even more scorpions there so I ran for the door but got stung badly. Safely inside I healed myself and found a Pugilism Illustrated book. I stayed awhile before I left but the demons were still outside waiting for me. I ran up a hill to the West toward two giant statues shaking hands. The giant bugs were close behind me so I ran like my head was on fire and my ass was catching. The people from Mojave Outpost shot at them and made them give up the chase. I was carying some stuff I needed to trade for healing supplies so I went in the barracks and bellied up to the bar beside a pretty young thang drowning her sorrows. It was then I saw another book, Duck and Cover ! but everyone was looking at me since I came with scorpions in tow. I mossied over and casualy picked it up, just holding it mind you, and walked to the kitchen so I could be alone. Then I shoved it in my pocket and left. I hoped the next book would be easier, and it was.

I went back to the clinic to trade for supplies and when I left, I walked North East. I came to a place called Fields Shack. From there I went S/E pasts some tracks and turned East past a ridge. I made my way East with the ridge close to my left and discovered Raul's Shack. Inside was a Guns & Bullets book. I then returned to the clinic and went South to the NCR sharecroppers farm. Inside was a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual that I stole. Then I turned East and got on the 93 headed South following the pipe. I came to a place where the road dipped down and some NCR troopers were standing around a fire. Looking East from here at the hillside beyond the arched pipe, there seememd to be a natural pass in the hillside. As I went thru the pass my Pipboy said to turn South and I soon discovered Cannibal Johnson's Cave. Inside was a Grognak book. Also inside was Cannibal Johnson and it was his book. Just like the Mojave Outpost, I carried the book in front of me to the cave enterance and pocketed it. Then quickly left without being Mr.Johnson's lunch.

I walked South from the cave and came to a pipe that ran far to the East. I got on and walked atop it to a big NCR base and past that, to a big lake. I walked along the South of the lake and after a bit, could see a shack across the lake to the North, the Fisherman's Pride shack. I could also see the Scavenger Platform to the NE. Looking thru Ratslayer's scope I saw something like the offspring of a woman who had a romp with a Tuna. Both locations had books so I decided a "smash & Grab" like the Nipton Road Reststop could work. I swam across to the shack and noticed another shack behind it, the Cap Counterfieters shack. It had more of those Orange wing wasps the locals called Cazadores so I figured not to make it part of this plan. They saw me as I left the water but I hit the door before them. I had the book, Pugilism Illustrated when they came in and left with them right behind me, and a nasty gash from one of their claws. I hit the water and swam straight for the floating junk pile. I got on to the platform with a submerged ramp and saw the book under a roof forward and to the left. There were three monsters on the platform and more getting on behind me. When they "yelled" at me, it hurt. I grabbed the Wasteland Survival guide, jumped off the platform into the lake and started swimmimg toward the NCR base with the tuna troopers right behind me. I used healing supplies during my swim and most of them had given up the chase by the time I reached Camp Golf. Once on land, they could not keep up. I went back to the cannibal cave and followed the road South, discovering the 188.

From the 188 I went East, saw a train in the distance and wondered if I could ride it. I suppose not. It's last rider lay decayed beside it's iron wheels, his hunting rifle beside him. The building beside the train held no books so I moved on without going in and discovered Boulder City. I'm told there was a great battle here, the legion lost but I was in Utah at the time...I think. At the end of town were signs pointing the way to Hoover dam so I followed them and soon arrived. I could see why this place was worth fighting for, it was huge. I went into the visitors center and in a closet to my right was a NCR Engineer's outfit with tools in the pockets. This would help me repair stuff. Then I crossed the room and got on a elevator. When it stopped, I went thru an open door to some troopers guarding a desk and a door marked Offices. I marched along as the hall kept turning right until I came to a door with HazMat stickers at the end of the halls. I went in, turned left and found two Chinese Stealth Armors in a crate.

I left Hoover dam heading South and decided to investigate a tall radio tower off the road. I discovered Ranger station Delta, used their outhouse and kept walking South along the mountain side. I climbed as the mountain dipped in and followed a path that looked like it would take me to the top but I didn't have strength to climb it so I so I sidestepped left until I could. I stood at the top of the path and could see Hoover dam to the North and a white flag above the hills to the South. I made my way there and discovered Camp Forlorn Hope. Inside, on the far right corner desk was a Big Book of Science. I carried it behind a blackboard but the people in the room were still aware of me. I remembered the 40lbs of stealth armor I was carrying and put one on in place of my Wasteland Settler outfit. Now for brief moments I was hidden and the book became mine....again. Heading South (and a little East) from the camp brought me to a abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker. There was a book here but I could not hack the 50 terminal to unlock the door. Downtroden, I left and decided to take a different direction.

I went back to the clinic and waited until morning to make my way West across the top of the city. Went past a place called Wins Hideout and finaly discovered the North enterance of the city of Westside. From here I set out in a NW direction, past a electrical station. Cazadores were near so I weaved my path on and off the road to avoid them, my 9mm SMG at the ready should I be spotted. I soon discovered the Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch and went inside. Upstairs, in the last room I found the book Lying, Congressional Style. I left heading South and followed a road up a mountain. The second location to my right was Silver Peak mine and there were Bighorn bulls close to the door. I climbed the hillside to the right of the door and dropped down in front of it and went in. To my right, in the bottom of a open locker was a Tumblers Today book. When I left I ran for the road to avoid a fight with the angry bulls and took the path on the other side of the road. I saw a radio tower in the distance when suddenly, I felt a bite taken out of my leg by a big mantis. I ran for the tower and the Foxtrot rangers there took care of my attacker. It seems I always arrive somewhere bringing bad news with me. In the comm tent was a Duck & Cover book. I made my way back to the road and kept walking up the mountain. More mantis came after me so I ran until I discovered Jacobstown. I spoke to Marcus, who looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym. In the first bungalow by the fridge, I found a Grognak book. Inside the lodge I sold some stuff and took the snow globe from the reception desk.

I returned to freeside and as I faced the blue doors, turned right. I followed that street around a 180 degree turn and eventually discovered Cerulean Robotics. Thru the door straight ahead were some desks. On the floor by one of them was a Lying, Congressional Style book. When I left, I went back to Field's Shack. Up the East road from there, I met a man named George who told me about Nellis and bet me I couldn't get past their howitzers. The shelling started as the destroyed houses came into view. I ran to the left and ducked into the standing corner of the first house. It stopped long enough for me to run past the second house and make the standing corner of the third house before it started again. Another reloading delay allowed me to get to their fence. I was escorted to Mother Pearl's house and inside, on her bookshelf, I found a Duck & Cover book. I then found Loyal's house and took the Dean's Electronics from him. How could he think it was his, I stole it fair & square. I returned to Goodsprings to store some of my good loot and sell the rest. After food, water and sleep this Wasteland Librarian was ready to continue the search.