• Squalor

    "Can you tell me what your name is", Doc Mitchell asked. I didn't have a clue and as I looked around his office I recognized things, knew how to use some of them but just couldn't remember what they were called. Finally, I saw some sulfer-tipped sticks used to start fires, focused hard and a word came to my damaged mind. "Matches", I croaked and was surprised how my own voice sounded so coarse. The doctor said something about reading in a book the story of Ulysses and his son, Telemachus. "It's not what I would have called you but if Machus is your name that's your name", Mitchell said, "Can you walk to that Vigor tester so we can see if your dogs are still barking" ? 5, 5, 7, 1, 6, 8, 8 is what the machine said I was. Doc said I was skil…

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