Hey that last blog was fun right seems like it was anyway. Hello people of the Nukapedia I have something that I have thought about for a while why did the NCR do those bad things to try take Vault City why did they sack Navarro when they probably knew almost nothing about the Oil Rig and why did they start a war with their tech protecting allies the Brotherhood of Steel. Well it's simple....greed now some of you who support the NCR may disagree but to others it makes sense doesn't it they wanted Vault City because it was a high-tech settlement and would greatly contribute to their expanding "republic." The NCR might of sacked Navarro for two reasons or both one the Enclave before the destruction of the Oil Rig must of encountered NCR soldiers and fought and the NCR wanted to stop them doing that. Two the NCR wanted whatever was in that base like the Vertibirds and advanced technology same as the Brotherhood so they decided to team up to take it down. and finally why did they start a war with the Brotherhood well the BoS was keeping tech away from wastelanders because it would be dangerous in their hands and the NCR didn't like that (and were probably jealous) and after many hostile arguments they snapped and rage war on each other. well there you go those are my opinions on that....i'm really starting to enjoying doing this aren't you...oh and remember to vote for me in the Enclave Vice president vote right here One Enclave, One America, Now and Forever. P.S I'm kinda sick so their are bound to be mistakes.