Hello everyone your friendly neighborhood Vice President here something has been bugging me for a while now....the future of the Enclave in the fallout series. Now i know all of you will probably say the Enclave is dead and all that but there is evidence that the Enclave is still around like the outpost in Chicago ED-E confirms this with those recordings and if you looked around enough after the ending in Fallout 3 you can see Vertibirds flying out of the Capitol wasteland so there is a chance the Enclave may be in Fallout 4 but as a minor faction or they will just disappear...somehow depending on what Bethesda does with them and i hope they don't make them the main "enemy" again because they already were in 2 and 3 people would probably would make Bethesda look like they can't think up a new main enemy also i hope we don't see the NCR (cause no one wants to see them for a while) i'm fine with the BoS showing up but not as one of the major factions and the Legion would be good to see again. Well that's that i guess we will just have to wait until Fallout 4 is released.

One Enclave One Vice President Now and Forever