One Enclave One America Now and Forever


Been a long time but I am bringing back Hoffmann's expliots.

So here is volume 2 of Sergeant Lachlan Hoffmann's adventures enjoy


Attack on Cottonwood Cove

I Have returned and it's time to show these filthy slavers who's boss.

Nuking the legion

I Want to set the world on fire.

Nuking the legion 2


Fleeing legion soldiers

Get over here!.

Freeing Slaves

Be free!.

Enclave Freedom

I Love the smell of freedom in the morning.

Blog image Spocklan116

Not sure this piece of scrap can take two power armored badasses.

Blog image Spocklan116 2

Hell that was easy.

Blog image Spocklan116 3

I'm coming for you Edward Sallow.

Blog image Spocklan116 4

Hey Caesar you ain't looking to good.

Blog image Spocklan116 5

Zion expedition force.

Blog image Spocklan116 6

Good to see one place not scorched by nuclear fire.