One Enclave One America Now and Forever


After looking at Eden2012's exploits I decided to make my own.

So here are the adventures of Private First Class Lachlan Hoffmann

(List of mods used: Beyond the Borders, Russell, Hidden Bunker, classic Fallout Weapons, Weapons of new Millenia)

NCR Base before assault

Before the assault

Room of dead NCR soldiers

The NCR aren't that smart it seems

Big Scrap Metal

Where in the Wastes did the NCR find this

NCR Vertibird

Taking back what's ours

Vault 48 Door

Oh look a Vault

Talking to the vault citizens

Oh god they know

Talking to Vault 48 Overseer

Hmm so many choices

Told Vault 48 to stay

Best they stay...I think I'll see them again soon

Malcolm randomly shows up

What the! How did you know I was here

Didn't trust him

Didn't trust him he could of been an NCR assassin

Atomic World

Atomic World?

APA Mark I Replicas

What the hell are these doing here?

APA Mark I Replica sign

Strange I thought no one before the great war knew about APA

Big Dino toy

Oh look it's the Dino Bites little brother

Calling got backup

Getting reinforcements

A Lot of backup

...Yeah that's enough

Heading back to the Mojave

Well it's the only way to get back It'll be good to clean this place out anyway

Back in the Mojave

Cleared this place...time to go to Nipton

NCR Rangers tried to avenge after west scouting

Silly Rangers think they can take me down

After a talk with Vulpes

Bye Vulpes was nice talking to you

Boxcars exploded

Damn he exploded in one shot

Helping the legion with a caravan

Nothing like helping the Legion kill off Caravans to make the NCR's resources low

Behemoth Receptionist

A Behemoth Receptionist?

Dead Behemoth Receptionist

He slipped

Dornan Jr

Good thing I'm wearing my power armor


Getting ready for a new mission

Lachlan building a team

Time to build a team. now we got a woman who likes punching things and some other guy who has a messed up face.

Lachlans new home

New base of operations