• Spartan describer243

    Heres sum ideas i have for preorder bonuses for fallout 4 that are HALO related

    Ice Recon Armor (HALO reach version, with Halo 3 recon shoulder pylons)

    S:3 P:3 E:3 C:2 I:2 A:4 L:3

    Olive Drab Scout Armor (Reach version)

    S:2 P:3 E:3 C:2 I:3 A:4 L:3

    Black Hayabusa Armor (with usable katana)

    S:2 P:2 E:3 C:2 I:3 A:3 L:3

    Assault rifle (reach version) (Fillout statistics here)

    Magnum (HALO 3 ODST) (Fillout statistics here)

    Sniper rifle (Reach version) (Fillout statistics here)

    And like i said at the top, these are just IDEAS! Read more >