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  • I live in Down Under (Crikey!)
  • I was born on July 29
  • My occupation is Ruthless Dictator
  • I am Male
  • SpartanS727

    It has to be!

    NCR = United States Caesar's Legion= PRC

    1. China was communist, now I pretty sure communists have a dictator (Caesar). 2. Before 2077 October 23rd The U.S was failing. 3. China had a larger population then the U.S, (NCR = 1 state of territory, Legion = Nearly 4 states). 4. The NCR is trying to secure land surrounding them, to protect their interests (Mojave). The U.S annexed Canada so they could protect the Alaska pipeline. 5. The NCR wants more resources. Like the U.S, pre-War.


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  • SpartanS727

    Fallout 3's world was a dense destroyed and ruined urban environment in the east, and plenty of burnt and irradiated countryside to roam around in. The whole way through my 100 hour plus Capital Wasteland experience in felt very authentic - It made me feel like I was in an actual post-nuclear discharge wasteland. Sure it would have been nice to have had all NV's factions, but in the end a game is judged on quality - something F3 had lots of.

    Now New Vegas. The NV world all the way felt like plain old desert with, sometimes uninspired creatures to encounter (not all the creatures are terrible - mind you. It's also notable that in NV you had to go find action - in F3 it found you), stitched together by a Las Vegas strip, barely a 6th of the sizeā€¦

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