1:When you meet an Scavanger on your exploring let him repair your stuff and buy ammo form him.When your done Kill him and reclaim your refund.

2:At Museum at history you will meet a camp of ghouls.They are pretty easy to kill but not yet.There are 4 shops there.Kill all sellers in each shop and evryone with them and take their keys.Their not rich they will have 100-200 in each inventory.There are also possible to hack computer their all on "Very Easy" so that would not be a problem.

3:In the start in Vault 101 Ignore Amanta when butch is annoying her.And when you take the .G.O.A.T. do the most evil answer's as you can but you cant do the final question beacuse it has the same answer "The Overseer".

4:In Vault 101 kill evryone in your sight no matter who its is and yes i mean the Overseer too.That should give you enough Bad Karma.And oh yes dont help butch help the cockarouches :D.

5:In each town you see with people kill them and steal what you would like.I like to call that you will own the town...ive done that to "Megatown well its blown to pieaces-Pennytower-Underworld at Museum of History-And 10 more towns.

6:Dont try to pickpocket with low stealth skill.Kill THEM ALL!!!!!.

Thats it for now...but my question is=====

How the F*** do i win the good ending with Very Evil Karma???