• Sotk-grizzly

    Ok, gold bars.

    Just completed The Dead Money exspansion pack for Fallout: New Vagas, and here is the up date. Yes, the get all 37 bars method does work, but even with a 100% Explosive Skill the C4 does not do enough damage to Elijah. So what I recomend is using Demo Charges, approx 5 of them, putting them on the very bottom step of the set of stairs (90% Explosive Skill needed). so here is how I did it:

    1. Sell all unessessary items for pre-war money 2. Cash in the pre war money for SM chips, save them for when you are in the volt 3. As you walk into the Volt, use the vending machine on the right to get all the Demo Charges you can before you active the console 4. Pick up ALL items in the Volt 5. After entising Elijah down to the volt, use t…

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