• Sombar1


    December 3, 2010 by Sombar1

    Log One... Recorded Record of Events Messenger Loading

    Me, Will, and Jack pulled open the dark, old doors of the ancient subways and began to stride inside. I gripped my assault rifle, ready for a fight. Jack reached into the small container outside his armor and pulled out a flask of whiskey. He opened it and took off his helmet. He drank a deep gulp and shook his head wildly. "Damn!" He yelled out. "That shits fine!" "Really?" Will asked. Jack nodded. "Pass that over here." Jack threw him the flask and the two sat at an old, concrete seat, drinking. "Guys, we need to keep moving," I told them. "Dude, Boar ain't going anywhere. The News will be here in there in the morning," Jack argued. "Yeah, but what if we aren't?" I yelled. "You know …

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