I know that they are currently making a Fallout MMO, but after playing Red Dead Redmption and play the new Fallout: New Vegas add-on, I came up with a brilliant idea. How about an online mode for the next Fallout game for Xbox and Playstation? I'll use New Vegas as an example, and explain what I envision it would be like if they had made it, and what they could do for the next game. So picture this: you are brought to a main menu when you go in the game. You hit multiplayer and are taken to a character creation area. You make your character and are put in a random town. You hold the down button and it shows everyone in the session, and where they are. You can pull up your map to see their location. You look at what you currently have as a level 1. A Vault Jumpsuit, a 9MM Pistol, pistol ammo, a couple of Stimpaks and a Straight Razor. You have 200 Caps to start you off. You look around and notice you are in Freeside. As you begin wandering around, three Thugs charge you from behind. You don't realize they are there. You hear gun shots and turn to see three dead bodies behind you. Standing at a nearby distance are five players in the same clan dressed up as The Kings. Their clan name is also The Kings. They are all the highest level, level 50. You send their leader a message saying thank you. He responds and explains a few things to you explaining mulitplayer. First off, there are two types of Free Roam. Regular and Friendly. You are randomly landed in one of them when you enter multiplayer. Friendly contains no PVP, while Regular does. In Regular, you can kill other players, but can NOT loot other player's bodies. You can only loot NPCs'. Also you have to get weapons, armor, money, repairs for your stuff, (should you need it,) and other things from NPC merchants (who can not be killed,) dead NPC bodies, and from trade that you can open with other players, where you can trade money and other items. The leader tells you only you or curtent NPCs' can repair your equipment. You thank the leader again and go off on your way. As you leave through the North Entrance, you notice a Caravan outside. They are other players. It consists of a Merchant, two Caravan guards, and a Pack Brahmin. They are all part of the clan "Mojave Caravans." The Merchant notices your a Greenhorn to online, so he gives you a could hundred caps, some leather armor, and an Assault Rifle with ammo, all for free. You ask the Caravan where they got their Pack Brahmin. They tell you there are various locations around the Mojave where you can buy pets, but you may only buy Dogs and Pack Brahmin. The Dogs are great for fights and the Pack Brahmin can be used to carry some of your stuff, but are suckish in fights. You thank them for their help and go on your way again. Now, your favorite faction is the NCR. From what you have seen, you are curtent an NCR clan will be at Camp Mccaren. Sure enough, when you arrive, there are two guards outside. One NPC, and a player dressed as a Ranger. The player is part of the clan NCR. When you ask about joining, you are directed into the main terminal, where a player dressed as a Heavy Trooper greets you. He is the squad's commander and an officer in the clan. He sends you an invite to the clan and you accept. He opens up a trade and gives you the MP outfit. He tells you that you can not use your Pip-Boy to teleport, that you need to use transports set up in all the towns, camps, and settlement. He directs you to one right outside by the door and tells you to report to your CO, Sirkillsalot778, in Forlorn Hope. When you arrive, he tells you that you can not wait online, and that the time and date are the same for everyone in the session, and even if you sleep at night and set it to where you wake at day, it will still be night for you and the same time and date when you wake up. He invites you to the party and when you accept, he brings the party for Regular Free Roam. You have realized by now that the whole area from story mode is in online. Your CO warns you to keep an eye out for members of the clan "Caesar's Legion." He explains that you get xp for every kill you make, and that you get 100 xp for player kills. He wishes you good luck and sends you off on your first patrol.

So what do you guys think? Comments or suggestions to make the online I just described better? Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I will gladly read any suggestions posted.