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All Enclave personnel were to be sent to the New England Federation’s POW camp in Providence. From there the officers and distinguished Enclave staff were tried by the Federation. Sentences handed out included everything from 5 years’ labour to lifetime imprisonment. The Federation had rejected capital punishment a few years earlier.

There was more to it though. Amongst the Enclave dead as well as the POWs, there were several people who were not formal soldiers or staff. Rather, it was discovered that they were prisoners of the Enclave, captured on various occasions and locations, who were brainwashed into fighting for the Enclave and its ideals through an implantation in the head. Further drug enhancements provided them with the required abilities to engage in combat. They were then uniformed and sent to the front lines of the Syracuse siege. No one knew until it was over. The Institute’s estimate was that 642 out of the 703 registered prisoners were killed.

Their orders came from a central computer system in the heart of the Syracuse compound. Here, the officers would input commands, which would be transmitted to the individual receivers implanted in the prisoners’ heads.

The implantations were installed in a way that would render surgical removal fatal for the prisoner. And beyond that, the death of the Syracuse CO, a Colonel Ibsen, would automatically trigger all implantations to kill their respective prisoners. Fantastically enough, the CO was missing – his body was not found and he was not amongst the POWs.

But there was even more. Files were found regarding a Project Guardian Angel. 5 prisoners captured throughout the wasteland, who were among the 703 registered ones, were selected to become the personal bodyguards of the CO. Along with the typical drug enhancements, they were given additional training that would hone their numerous skills. These prisoners were chosen based on their initial physical and mental examinations, but more importantly, based on their genes.

At one point they were all taken into separate surgery rooms and put under anaesthesia. When they came to, they were told that they had implantations in their heads that would trigger fatality upon either death of the CO or the click of a certain remote device, which was also in the possession of the CO. This remote device had individual buttons for each of the 5, while the death of the CO would kill them all simultaneously.

The magnitude of this pretence was so great that, along with psychological manipulation and drugs, all 5 of these individuals followed orders to the letter and ensured that the CO lived. It was later written in some of the research notes that the subjects were selected in particular for their will to live, which was known through their immersion into computerised, ultra-real scenario simulations.

I had taken a look at the list of the individuals who had been selected for this programme:

Grace Champlain
William DuPont
Viktor Gordon
Jillian Gravelli
Robert Schumacher