The release of Resident Evil 5 was when many of the (self-proclaimed) "stalwart" fans began to abandon or hate on (or both) the series. Capcom did make a more action-heavy and admittedly less scary game. However, RE5 did usher in a new generation of fans who appreciated more action while remaining more-or-less in the survival horror genre. Being the first Resident Evil game I've played, I can say for sure that I was one of them (although I did wish it was more scary). --Skire (talk) 00:08, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

The Good

Resident Evil 5 has good, varied game-play. The enemies are always changing up, the bosses were fun to battle (some of which were quite challenging), and the melee combat is excellent.

Every boss had a strategy that came with defeating it efficiently. I consider this one of the many puzzles in the game -- there is almost never a boss that you just have to unload on to defeat. There's always a certain way to go about it. For example, the Popokarimu had to be downed before you needed to attack its fleshy underbelly, the first Uroboros had to be lured and locked in the furnace, and the Wesker had that orange soft spot on him...

The melee combat in RE5 is perhaps one of the best in any RE game. Not only did the melee moves (and thus the damage) vary from your position as well as the enemy's, it was possible to string together combos with your partner (even if it's the AI!). Each character had a unique set of moves with varying effectiveness. And the finishers, well, we all know they were fun to perform.

The scenery is also changing. From the towns at the start of the game to the swamps to the underground research lab, you'll most likely never get bored of the environment. Capcom manages to cover a lot too -- you have an underground mine, ancient ruins, a tribal village, a cargo ship, and much more. The entire Africa setting is also brand new and certainly a breath of fresh air. The graphics are pretty good too.

The changing environments remind you of the story itself as well. What started as an investigation into an outbreak in an African country gradually developed into a search for Jill Valentine, Chris' (the protagonist) former partner whom he believed was dead after the events of Lost in Nightmares. The story expands on the relationship between the two, something that many fans would like more of, and is related to the overall direction of the RE universe. That's a solid plot, Capcom.

There's a handful of other things as well, like the fact that accessing your inventory will not pause the game, which I believe strengthens the perils of in-game combat and forces the player to act quickly. Also, the gems and weapon upgrades add excellent replay value.

The Bad

First of all, why do I have to pull out my knife first and then press a second command to use it? This makes it useless for anything other than breaking boxes.

Also, the AI could've been better. While I do believe in actually utilising my AI partner instead of leaving them defenceless and useless, it doesn't help that defects in the programming often result in their death, and consequently, my failure.

The Ugly

Large portions of the game take place in broad daylight, or otherwise brightly lit areas. This tends to erode the horror atmosphere that RE4 set up so well. Furthermore, while RE5 did have its moments, it simply was not as scary as it could've been. Some of this can be attributed to the environment and lighting, including the fact that some scenery is simply too beautiful to evoke fear while playing in it. Others include factors like music, which could have a significant impact on atmosphere, and jump-scares, which may be cheap but do help!

Furthermore, it is really necessary to take such a long time to pick items up in-game? It may not seem like a lot, but a few seconds can really make a difference in tough combat situations. This also makes everything feel a little more sluggish...

And can we stop with the moving-vehicle shoot-outs? They're so utterly dull and brainless.

Oh, and the dialogue. This time you can't really use the "it's the good kind of cheesy" justification as some did with RE4...

Final Score