Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Following the results from our poll and tiebreaker last week, along with a board meeting, we have produced the following users who will be your top 5 for NoTY!

They are:

BillyOcean came in first place in the popular vote with 9 votes, followed by Dead Gunner with 7 votes. There was a three-way tie for 3rd place, leading to a tiebreaker that ultimately produced JASPER42 as the third place finisher.

Jspoelstra and 69.l25 were selected unanimously by all board members.

Your board members are:

Also, a special thanks to the awesome Kastera1000 for serving as a substitute for Paladin117 for this meeting.

The winner will be announced on New Years Day. Thank you to all participants in the entire process!

--Skire (talk)