Welcome back everyone!

This is stage two, where our approved nominees will be put to a vote, with the top three finishers moving on to be part of the top five. The remaining two of the top five will be decided by the board.

Please vote for whomever you believe has had the greatest positive influence on the wiki in the year 2013. The specifics of this criterion are up to each of you individually.

There will be main comments with each candidate's name. Please comment under the user you support by replying to the main comment with "Aye" in the comment. You may only do this once, and only registered users may participate. We do welcome anonymous users to participate, but you must create an account first. No prior edits are required. Please do not comment anything other than "Aye" under those main comments with the candidates' names. You may post other comments as their own thread.

If you are on the board, we would urge you not to participate in the voting here.

This poll will be left open for a week. --Skire (talk)