Welcome to Boston!

Hello all! And Happy Fourth of July to my American readers.

As we await the release of Fallout 4 with great anticipation, I wanted to show you the beauty of our real-world Boston as it appears during the July 4th weekend.

Having grown up in the Boston area, the city has always been a place of enchantment and excitement, an escape from the tranquil suburbia that I've grown accustomed to. So let us embark on a guided tour of the great city of Boston (and Cambridge)!

Bunker Hill Monument

This monument commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War. The engagement ended as a Pyrrhic victory for the British over American militiamen.

The Bunker Hill Monument sits in the neighborhood of Charlestown, the oldest in Boston. The obelisk is accompanied by a small museum at its side. A statue of William Prescott, a colonel in the Revolutionary War, stands to one side of the obelisk.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Monument as it appears in the FO4 trailer


The Monument in the real world


Statue of William Prescott

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution saw action during the early years of the United States, in the Quasi-War with France, as well as during the First Barbary War.

Today, the ship sits in Charlestown Navy Yard as a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can board the ship and explore its interior.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution as it appears in the FO4 trailer


USS Constitution in the real world


One end of the ship is covered in scaffolding.

Statue of Paul Revere

The Paul Revere Mall is located in Boston's North End neighborhood. It's a small park that contains the iconic statue of Paul Revere on his horse.

Paul Revere himself rode his horse in April 1775 before the Battles of Lexington and Concord to alert the militiamen of the incoming British forces.

Paul Revere Monument

Statue of Paul Revere as it appears in the FO4 trailer


The Statue as it appears in the real world, with the Old North Church in the back

Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts State House is located in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood and is where the MA legislature meets. This is also where our governor, currently Charlie Baker (R), has his offices.

Scollay Square, another location featured in the Fallout 4 trailer, was located just down the street from the State House before it was redeveloped.

Massachusetts State House

The golden dome of the MA State House as it appears in the FO4 trailer


The State House viewed from the front (on Beacon Street) in the real world

Fenway Park

Fenway Park (Diamond City in-game) is home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. There was actually a game about to start the day I visited.


Fenway Park as it appears in the FO4 trailer


Fenway Park in the real world

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Though it wasn't featured in the trailer, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), known as The Institute in the Fallout world, is bound to make an appearance in the game. So I went there and took some pictures to give you guys some idea of what you might expect.

MIT is one of the nation's most prestigious universities. Its campus is located across the Charles River in the city of Cambridge, MA.


MIT's famous "Great Dome," with Killiam Court in front


The MIT campus as viewed from the Harvard Bridge