• Sk1lledK1ll

    Admin power abuse.

    July 15, 2011 by Sk1lledK1ll

    Admin power abuse. You know its probobly happend to you. Throught my time on the vault many times has a admin unfairly banned me or forced me to submit in one sided arguments. It happend just minutes ago in the chat. Were Cartman! and Scarface were unfairly bagging on me stating their one sided factles opinions and not letting me state mine. Instead of letting me respond I am now banned from the chat. Many people I know have been victimized by this. But most are to afraid of speaking up in fear of being banned or can't because they already been. Admins I've seen do this or freinds who of admins who use them to abuse power include: Tagizel Cartman! and Scarface. I know this is probobly going to be removed because I am trying to be just and …

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