Fallout 4 expectations and hopes

Silent 1 December 16, 2011 User blog:Silent 1

Fallout 4... The very mention of this title makes mouths water for a tasty sip of ice cold Nuka-Cola and makes many of us fantasize about the apocalyptic world we all know and love. And all the nuka such and such... Awe forget here's a list of things I think would be great in Fallout 4.

Also keep in mind this list is based partially off my impressions from Skyrim

Things I want to see:

- A fresh new location that hasn't been explored yet (fingers crossed for Seattle)

- More activities

- More cinematic scenes

- A lack of spiders in any way shape or form!!!

- The best features from Fallout New Vegas

- A game that takes place in America (this includes "The Newly Annexed Canada" that our boy's were apparently keeping the peace in.)

- A plot having nothing to do with the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101's story.

- New engine

- More Weapon upgrades.

- Better DLC, with quality over quantity

- If there are metro tunnels they need to be OPTIONAL!!!

- A database/codex within the pip-boy that gives information on factions and items

- Better followers like Fallout New Vegas with more personality (if one more person says "I'm sworn to carry your burdens" Heads will roll!)

- The return of the faction system, but with a more level playing field for the opposing factions.

- A more "liberal" karma system perhaps only affected by major choices. (not all thieves are evil...)

- Sprinting

- Baskets that you can put on people's heads XD

- More new Perks that aren't recycled from old games...

- More music that begins to play on the radio as the story progresses further and fits with the recent events of quests and mood of the story (for example when SPOILER ALERT!!! your Dad dies in Fallout 3 sad music plays)

- Ability to play past ending (without DLC, Mods, or a genie)

- The triumphant return of Dogmeat!

- Player Homes (similar to both Skyrim and Fallout 3)

- Better Character Creation

- Better third person cam

- Increase in jumping with higher agility

- Weather

- better companion recruitment perhaps with complex quests involved, and less "hi follow me" or "your hired!" companions.

- Separated more easily managed save games

- Armor upgrades

- No Chinese stealth armor with stealth field that works (too overpowered)

- More Energy weapon options

- Better dialog

- BUG FIXES!!!!!

- An established canon ending for Fallout New Vegas

- The ability to make a character with 1 intelligence and have them act like it, while still making all the side quests possible.

- Drinking and eating animations when the player stands still to make it more realistic when you take a drink in a saloon.

- Interesting memorable characters who aren't companions

- POSSIBLE! vehicle sections that would take place in only specific enclosed areas during specific quests. No riding around the wasteland in a giant tank!

- More Skill books

- A roll perk like there was in Skyrim (love that perk ^_^)

- Better iron sights

- Thrown Weapons that work!

- Underwear that makes it look like the raiders are raiders and not former vault dwellers...

- Chem addiction should be more trippy

- A character named Cthulhu who the player must kill using a flamer ^_^

- Idle animations...

- The weight slider from Skyrim

- More craft-able weapons that are unique and useful

- More lively NPC's

- A signed contract from Bethesda (or whoever makes it...) stating that Mayor MacCready of Littlelamplight will never appear again!!! or at least he will appear as an adult so he will be kill-able!!!

- Traits, but new ones that offer more interesting changes to gameplay

- More NPC's with unique apparel to make them stand out

- The Tailor maid mod in some way shape or form...

- More Unrealistic weapons that fit well with the Fallout universe

- Many other things...

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