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The Republic of Southern Nevada, or the RSN, is a small nation created by the Courier in the year 2282 following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

History: The day Benny shot the Courier, he set into motion a series of events that would eventually lead to the creation of the Republic of Southern Nevada. The Courier, seeking revenge he followed Benny to New Vegas making many friends and allies along the way. He learned of Bennys plan to take over the Strip, he decided to do that himself... after having Caesar crucify Benny. After meeting Yes Man he activated a securitron army under the Fort and secured an army for his new republic. He then proceeded to do what he should have done a long time ago; kill his employer. After killing Mr. House, Yes Man uploaded his personality into the Lucky 38 mainframe, and uprgaded every securitron in the Mojave. at that point the Courier realized he had to make some friends. He gained the alliance of the BoS, Boomers, Great Khans, Followers of the Apocalypse, Jacobstown, Kings, Remnants, and the Strip Families. He killed or arranged the death of those who would stand in his way like Caesar, the Fiend leaders, Big Sal and Nero, Eddie of the Powder Gangers, Tabitha and President Kimball. During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam the Courier diverted the energy from the dam to the Securitrons under the Fort. All of his allies contributed to ensure the victory of the Republic. The securitrons attacked the Fort during the battle while the Courier led the assault on the Legates Camp. After the battle the Courier and Yes Man had a lot of work to do. The NCR retreated back to the Mojave outpost while the Legionwent back to Arizona. The RSN established control of the Mojave as far north as the Northern Passage, south as Nipton, East as the Fort, and West as Jacobstown. And many of their allies agreed to being annexed into the nation.

Military: The branches of the RSN's military are all named after the tribes that helped in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Khans: The standard infantry of the RSN it is made up of former Great Khans, super mutanst from Jacobstown, and securitrons. They patrol the Mojave and guard the Colorado river. They use combat armor, an assault carbine, a 10mm pistol, 3 frag grenades, and a combat knife.

Kings: The Kings serve as a police force along with securitrons restricted to only gatling lasers and 9mm SMG's. They use 10mm pistols and SMG's, low power rifles, and leather armor. They protect all of New Vegas and some towns.

Remnants: These are the Elite Soldiers of the RSN using energy weapons and powered infantry armor and are only used in high priority situations where the best of the best is needed.

Boomers: The Boomers are our Air Force and make use of planes salvaged from various airports and one Enclave Vertibird. The explosives they gave us proved invaluable for our grenadiers.

Relations with other groups: The RSN has made several allies and enemies in its short existence and they are listed here.


  • Brotherhood of Steel: We have made a temporary truce with the BoS thanks to negotiations with Elder Hardin. We gave them control of Bitter Springs (so they could watch Nellis AFB and the Fort), citizenship, and several pieces of technology like the AER14 laser rifle, all in exchange for help patrolling the highways and helping us clean up the little gangs we are fighting in the Mojave. We know this truce won't last because sooner or later they will want to take our robot army and the power armor and energy weapons from the Remnants.
  • Followers of the Apocalypse: We are working with the FoA to clean up New Vegas, especially Freeside, and help maintain order in the streets.
  • Crimson Caravan Company: They have agreed to support us with food, medical supplies, and miscellaneous needs.
  • Van Graffs: They Van Graffs sell us energy weapons we need for our Remnants when we need them.
  • Gun Runners: The Gun Runner provide our weapons and armor and we sell them armor and weapons we collect from our fallen enemies.


  • Caesar's Legion: During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam we made enemies out of the Legion, although we probably would never have been allies with them in the first place. They haven't counter-attacked yet but we are anticipating it and the BoS has pledged support to our cause.
  • Vipers, Scorpions, and Jackals: These gangs are trying to work together to harrass travelers and wastelanders. We are working with the BoS to eradicate them from the Mojave.
  • Powder Gangers: After the deaths of Eddie and Sam Cooke they lost leadership and fell apart, with only a few still managing to affect the Mojave. They are of little concern and are trying to abandon their pasts and blend in with the Mojave.
  • Fiends: After all of their leaders being killed they fell apart and are losing their control of Outer Vegas as our soldiers push them even farther out.


  • NCR: After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam the NCR left the Mojave entirely. Relations are stale and we are planning to send an ambassador to negotiate and alliance with them, and we hope that their new president isn't such an imperialistic hot head.

Economy: Citizens of the RSN pay relatively small taxes because our main income is from taxes on casinos and gambling halls. The only reason we can afford to equip our military is because House had a large number of caps (somewhere around 300,000) in the Lucky 38.

More to come!