Hey guys! For a while now I've been envisioning a Fallout New Vegas time line where Mr. House's defense systems stopped every single bomb from being dropped on the Vegas area, saving countless more lives and making New Vegas what it was made out to be in the opening trailers; a diamond in the rough, a shining light in the desert.

The possibility of having a more complete and fleshed out Fallout New Vegas would entice any true fan of the series. My idea is in its basics a rebuilding of the ruins around Freeside, Westside, and The Strip while also rebuilding the areas already in the game. Having a much larger city to explore would give Vegas a truly unique feeling, instead of a tiny Strip that doesn't hold up to the way the NPC's talk about it. I think with an entire community of capable minds could make an idea like this real, let me know what you think! SheasonFillyWiddler (talk) 14:55, June 27, 2017 (UTC)