VG247 has an interview with Obsidian's Chris Avellone, were he talks about development time, DLC plans, and lay-offs at Obsidian. Here's an excerpt.

I’m sure it was. Back to New Vegas in general, Bethesda supported Fallout 3 humongously. What plans does Obsidian have for New Vegas? Any plans for DLC?

Avellone: I can’t say much about it. Bethesda has plans, but we don’t know the actual facts of them yet, so it’s pretty much premature to say anything – but my hope would be that they would.

Hypothetically, would you like DLC done for New Vegas?

Avellone: Hypothetically, I would love that.

And an interview with Bethesda's Pete Hines about E3 and how Fallout: New Vegas is improving on Fallout 3.

E3 is coming up pretty soon. Should we be watching for any announcements from you or is this pretty much it?

Probably not. Just me, personally, both from my days, even though it seems eons ago where I used to attend E3 as a journo and now with my ten-plus years at Bethesda, I just don't think E3 is a great place to announce anything. It's just so much stuff going on that it tends to get lost, so I think we tend to try and go outside of that window for new announcements. I think we'll have a lot of new things to show. For example, all these games that we're talking about will have new stuff. We hope to be hands-on with the majority of them for the press, that kind of thing. But as far as new announcements, I think we would either do those kinds of things and maybe be more inclined to do them at events like QuakeCon. That's now kind of an event that we're working with id to make bigger and better. One of the ways you make it bigger and better is you take some of your stuff and do announcements there rather than doing them elsewhere. So I think it still remains to be seen, but I wouldn't expect any big announcements from us at E3, although it is only April and it's two months away.

You never know what's going to happen.

You never really know. Last year I thought for sure we were going to announce the id acquisition right around then and it wasn't announced till afterwards. I guess you never know for sure. But it's not probably in our plans, though.

MTV Multiplayer also talks with J.E. Sawyer.

One major theme in the game is that we talk about rebuilding in the image of the old world, and whether that's valid or not. For example, the New California Republic sees themselves as the torchbearers of the republic that existed in the pre-war world. They are the voice of democracy. People have representation with them. They don't enslave people. They have laws and stuff like that. "Whereas Caesar's Legion -- which is inspired by Rome and is led by an incredibly charismatic, cunning and intelligent guy -- is specifically emulating things from the Roman empire because their leader believes that that is the only way to bring order into such a chaotic world.

GiantBomb has a video interview with him.

GB: You guys at Obsidian have this background with the initial Fallout games, and this is kind of a spiritual successor to those. In the few months we got left before this game comes out, would you recommend people go out, get on Good Old Games or wherever, and kind of play the original Fallouts? JES: I would always recommend that people play the original Fallouts, whether New Vegas is coming out or not, because I think they're really fun games.

and Machinima also has video interview with him as well.

Let's say you're fighting an opponent that's wearing very heavy armor, you might have a rapid fire weapon, but if it doesn't have good armor penetration you might have to switch to your AP ammo or a different weapon entirely.
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