Strange things are starting to happen out here in the Wasteland. I thought I had better start writing some of this stuff down. I've been living in Megaton for a few months, well more than a few months actually. Had my twentieth birthday last week. Seems a bit odd with nobody to celebrate. Makes me miss dad even more. I should be following the clues to his whereabouts and get going to Galaxy News Radio, but everytime I approach the river something pulls me back. A little voice telling me I'm not ready yet for what lies across the dark, radiated waters of what was once the great Potomac River.

I've had a lot of Raider encounters. My cabinets are full to bursting with their armor. I've been hoping to sell it all for some caps to buy supplies. Yet, whenever I go to the Caravan trading spot the one who deals in armor is never there. At least he is never there when I am looking to sell. Spent three days waiting around for him, the only Caravan that turned up was the creepy doctor one. He always feels more like a pusher than a doctor. I am pretty sure I now know where Leo Stahl was getting his stuff. I'm glad he's off that crap now.

Yesterday I decided to see about Moira's Mole Rat repellant. She wanted me to go to some sewers over in D.C. ruins but I opted for testing it closer to home. I had seen some of the buggers lurking around the back of Megaton when I found that hidden weapons cache. Well, not only does the stuff not repel them it makes their heads explode! After dispatching four of the foul things I was attacked by three vicious dogs. They were easy enough to get rid of. After that little killing spree I decided to walk all the way around Megaton.

Suddenly I was being fired upon and found myself under attack by Raiders. I was quite near the entrace on the eastern side of Megaton and I am sure that Stockholm guy saw me being hammered but the jerk didn't even fire at them once. I took cover behind a rock and managed to kill them all. As I went back along my route looking for loot they might have dropped I noticed a lone Protectron. It didn't attack me only told me to "move along". I was intrigued because I have been attacked by Protectrons out in the wastes before (someday I'll have to write down how I found an old woman named Agatha living alone in a shack). I followed him as he slowly walked a little ways past the southend of Megaton to the west and then walked back the way he had come to the east. Anyway, on the way back as it passed Megaton and went up a little rise between some trees and rocks I found some dead bodies. I remember one of the Raiders had been laughing as he fired at me and shouted "gonna get you just like those two Outcasts suckers!". I'm guessing the two woman I found glad in heavy power armor were the 'Outcasts' he was talking about. I looted the bodies. The Protectron stopped a little ways away and then turned around and starting walking the other way again. I guess it's a regular patrol spot or something.

I haven't noticed anyone out that way before so close to Megaton. A little worrying. I'm not sure who these Outcasts are. Are they friendly? I hope so. It's hard enough out here with all the vicious, muted animals, constant Raider attacks and not to mention these Enclave assholes that keep appearing everytime I try and walk to the Super Duper Mart. I've been leaving mines everytime I kill one of them but they don't seem to get the message. A new one appears every couple of days. It's pretty annoying.

Leaving the Vault seems like a lifetime ago. I was really frightened. I mean I've fired a gun, I had to inorder to get out of the Vault alive. But I never thought I would get so adept at killing so quickly. It's not really the life I imagined for myself. Megaton is ok, and is safe enough inside but it's a bit lonely. Although, one of the women from the Common House came up to me the other day and gave me some caps to say thanks. I guess she appreciates me killing off Raiders and Enclave soldiers and disarming the nuclear bomb. It's nice to be appreciated. I just wish I had someone to share all this will. Wadsworth is funny and he keeps me in fresh water, which I usually give to that guy Nicky outside the gate. I tried to get him to come in and live at the Common House but he prefers hanging out with Deputy Weld for some reason. Wadsworth is less glitchy then Andy from the Vault. But I sure do miss him and Stanley.

Well, time for beer at Moriarty's and maybe a little conversation with Gob if Collin isn't too busy beating him. I've noticed that nobody seems to go into The Brass Lantern anymore. When I first got here there was always someone to talk to in there but Andy seems to go to bed about 8pm these days and Jenny just sits alone in the empty bar and I never see any patrons in there anymore. It's a little weird. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with me convincing Leo to get off drugs. I mean Andy was really appreciative but I've barely seen him since I disarmed the bomb. Hmmm, It could have something to do with the information I found on his terminal. Oh well. The Wasteland is pretty desolate and dangerous as it is, I can't believe people would really think it's a good idea to get rid of a thriving and safe community. Luckily Mr. Burke seemed easily pursuaded by my feminine charms. That's the first time I've ever really flirted with a guy. In the Vault there was only the stupid Tunnell Rats, what a bunch of morons! He's been sending me love letters, but I'm not really interested. I only wanted to get him off my case about blowing up the town and it worked.