• I live in London
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Killer of giants
  • I am Female
  • ShadowSentinel

    Strange things are starting to happen out here in the Wasteland. I thought I had better start writing some of this stuff down. I've been living in Megaton for a few months, well more than a few months actually. Had my twentieth birthday last week. Seems a bit odd with nobody to celebrate. Makes me miss dad even more. I should be following the clues to his whereabouts and get going to Galaxy News Radio, but everytime I approach the river something pulls me back. A little voice telling me I'm not ready yet for what lies across the dark, radiated waters of what was once the great Potomac River.

    I've had a lot of Raider encounters. My cabinets are full to bursting with their armor. I've been hoping to sell it all for some caps to buy supplies. …

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  • ShadowSentinel

    If you are a cautious player and want to level up a bit before doing anything too dangerous or facing those Super Mutants you've heard about then this guide will give you some simple ideas on which quests to follow to gain some XP, caps and weapons.

    Includes some minor spoilers but I've tried to leave major ones out

    A good lock pick skill is essential as is a min. 25 in explosives if you want somewhere safe to store items and rest early on. Repair skill is also helpful.

    Note: You don't have to do anyhting after 3 in the order I've given.These are just my recommendations.

    1-Before exiting 101 make sure you've taken all that you can carry. You may need to leave some of the food and clothing behind due to low weight limit. For instance don't loo…

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