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  • My occupation is an animator, anime artist, and gamer.
  • I am a lady, so don't forget it. x3
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    .]] I hope I'm doing this User Blog correctly.. ^^;
    Well, I had created a "song," I guess you can call it. Now I will admit that I had another song in mind when making this: Big Iron. The music from Big Iron is the base music for this song (it'll have to be changed around a bit to actually work with the song, get the point). I will admit that I had a LOT of fun when making this song. I wanted to make a song that really explains how Rose's trip went, but make it more humorous than serious. You see a lot when you're going to New Vegas, so this was one of the many things she came up with..silly woman.
    Anyway, Rosalynn, aka Rose, my Fallout: New Vegas OC, created a song while going to the Strip. Be advised that most of the things in t…

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