Ok, so I was in New Reno, about to get Bishop's holodisk for the quest in Vault City. I also had the quest to deliver Moores briefcase to Bishop, I asked Moore for payment so Bishop is now hostile and immediately triggers the conversation, so quest is f***ed up. I took the quest to have sex with Bishop's daughter to have a shortcut to Bishop's room with a safe. First time I did it, while i fought off Bishop and his men on top floor and got down to the 1st floor, last enemy on the 1st floor managed to kill Sulik. I hate when followers die so I immediately loaded the save game which was before the fight with Bishop. I killed him again but when I went down the stairs there were no followers, I escaped Reno in the last second before they could kill me. And wanted to check out if followers would be in the next square, they weren't. I had K9, Goris, Sulik and Myron as followers, and I checked out all of their set locations, but still they weren't there. Does anyone know what could be the problem and can it be fixed, I fear they dissapeared from the game, which is a shame cos Goris and K9 are awesome followers. Thanks.