• SeraphLucifer


    Hey guys, there is a band named Blue Öyster Cult and they have a song named "Sole Survivor" (Lyrics below). The lyrics pretty much summarize the story. Do you think Bethesda could be inspired by this song? The first two paragraph pretty much implies Nate or Nora/ Cursed with second sight - Exiting the pod and witnessing a new world/ Haunted Savior - Shaun let him escape from the pod/ 4th paragraph seems like the Glowing Sea/ 5th paragraph looks like destroying the Institute/ 7th and 8th makes me think about the Prydwen's appearance and the BoS.

    • There walked a lonely man
      • Silent, mute the only man
      • Not knowing how, not knowing why
      • Was he the sole survivor?
    • Why should he be alive
      • Breathing still while others died
      • And the only question
      • Why…
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