PS3 add-ons; one per week

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Broken Steel is the first add-on to be released for the PS3

According to Todd Howard, Executive Producer for Fallout 3, the PS3 will receive the official add-ons for Fallout 3 shortly after each other, "about one per week".

Howard states this in an interview with Kotaku;

"With the launch of Mothership Zeta, Bethesda's met Howard's goal. Five game-expanding pieces of content, each granting players about four hour' worth of game time for $10, are now out on the Xbox 360 and PC. The packs are planned for a PlayStation 3 release this next month, with, according to Howard, about one new one per week, starting with the game's end-changing and level-cap-raising Broken Steel."

The first add-on for the PS3, Broken Steel, is expected in September.

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