GOG contest closed

Gog 20081023 1280x1024

A few weeks ago, The Vault launched the Good old Games Character Overhaul Competition. Now that contest is over and the results have been determined. Congratulations to MikaelGrizzly, the contest winner, and all other participants who have won prizes!

Update: all participants who have won prizes must make an account on and posts this username on Ausir's talk page, along with the titles of the games they want to get their games.

The final scores are:

Place Score Participant Prize
Trophy GOG contest 1st place #1 332 MikaelGrizzly 4 download codes
Trophy GOG contest 2nd place #2 53.5 Sentinel 101 3 download codes
Trophy GOG contest 3rd place #3 43 Kingclyde 2 download codes
Trophy GOG contest 4th place #4 37 Teh Krush 2 download codes
#5 17.5 SplittingTheAtom 1 download code
#6 6 CNavellier 1 download code
#6 6 Remontoi 1 download code
#8 2 BigDogW 1 download code

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