• Sentinel 101

    GOG contest closed

    September 16, 2009 by Sentinel 101

    A few weeks ago, The Vault launched the Good old Games Character Overhaul Competition. Now that contest is over and the results have been determined. Congratulations to MikaelGrizzly, the contest winner, and all other participants who have won prizes!

    Update: all participants who have won prizes must make an account on and posts this username on Ausir's talk page, along with the titles of the games they want to get their games.

    The final scores are:

    Place Score Participant Prize
    #1 332 MikaelGrizzly 4 download codes
    #2 53.5 Sentinel 101 3 download codes
    #3 43 Kingclyde 2 download codes
    #4 37 Teh Krush 2 download codes
    #5 17.5 SplittingTheAtom 1 download code
    #6 6 CNavellier 1 download code
    #6 6 Remontoi 1 download code
    #8 2 BigDogW 1…

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  • Sentinel 101

    GOG, also known as Good old Games, is celebrating it's first anniversary with a sale; any two Interplay games in GOG's catalog can be bought for the price of one, including Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

    "Looking back at the first year, I think we can say it's been a really successful time for us - we've added lots of great publishing partners and amazing games. But we couldn't have achieved any of that success without the fans who support us in so many ways. We decided to say thank you to our fans and run this promo," said GOG Managing Director Adam Oldakowski. "We know there are still a lot of things to improve and a lot of games to be revived, but we're just starting and the future is looking really bright for us."

    For more informati…

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    What the armor says

    August 24, 2009 by Sentinel 101

    In this week's edition of Destructoid's "What the armor says" (a series of interviews with game designers about iconic armors in games), Fallout 3's lead designer Emil Pagliarulo discusses the development and design of Power armor in Fallout 3.

    The Power Armor presented a few problems for Bethesda in the early design stages. The human character models aren’t hulking monstrosities. The armor needed to be large, but not large enough to interfere with animations or the mix-and match nature of the accessory system. It also needed to look cool. Bethesda took great care in creating the iconic armor of the game.

    For the full article, see here.

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  • Sentinel 101

    According to Todd Howard, Executive Producer for Fallout 3, the PS3 will receive the official add-ons for Fallout 3 shortly after each other, "about one per week".

    Howard states this in an interview with Kotaku;

    "With the launch of Mothership Zeta, Bethesda's met Howard's goal. Five game-expanding pieces of content, each granting players about four hour' worth of game time for $10, are now out on the Xbox 360 and PC. The packs are planned for a PlayStation 3 release this next month, with, according to Howard, about one new one per week, starting with the game's end-changing and level-cap-raising Broken Steel."

    The first add-on for the PS3, Broken Steel, is expected in September.

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  • Sentinel 101

    After the release of Mothership Zeta last monday, several reviews have appeared around the web. Here's an excerpt from G4TV's review;

    "Mothership Zeta" is light on story and is an extremely linear experience. The only choice to be made is in which the order to tackle the middle quest's objectives, much like "Operation: Anchorage". There are several other abductees that can be spoken to for some additional details, but more often than not, they won't actually answer questions. The characters you meet will all help you out as you fight your way to the ship's bridge, but they can die. Also, bring a lot of caps with you as Somah has a repair skill of 100, but refuses to work pro-bono despite the dire situation. She's thinking about her future bac…
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