The day was scorching, all the evil critters of the commonwealth were driven away by the radioactive heat. All accept one lone Merc hidden in the burnt under growth, this one man who was ready to take on the world...and that man was Six with his faithful companion ED-E. six is one of the most famous wanderers in all the wastes. He single-handedly took on the enclave remnants with sheer brute force and... Legend has it that he survived a direct shot in the fore head. He is the most feared and... The most loved.

But our devastating hero has a job to do. He has been assigned by an anonymous contractor all the way from the Pitt. He has been ordered to find and assassinate the leader of the institute. He has been told by this Mysterious stranger that this institute has been terrorizing the commonwealth by stealing people in the night and replacing them with they're retched synths... but he doesn't really care about that, realistically he's just in it for the caps.


Six was walking along in the hot summer breeze, the smell of radioactive waste filled the air. There was a storm gathering in the south. A great storm that covered the Commonwealth with a sickly lime green haze.

As Six walked he heard a disturbance in the quiet wispy air... gun shots, two loud startling gun shots. He ran to the scene of the ruckus. When he got there he found a body in the ground it's hands gripping a bladed tire iron and with two bullet holes in his head, a mere metre away stood a trembling man in leather Armor shakily clutching a pipe revolver pistol. Six quickly pulled out Big Ben his .44 Pistol. "What the hell!” said Six through his NCR gas mask “What happened”.

The man spoke with great difficulty, as he was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Six sat him down but did not put away his gun. The man slowly started to talk properly, he said “I… I’m sorry for the disturbance my… friend ran at me… there was nothing I could do” “what was it about?” Six asked. “Well I heard about a vault just south east of here called vault 111. It is said that it is abandoned and is loaded with treasure, fusion cores 10mm pistols… you name it.” “Ok. So… what does this have to do with anything?” said Six “Well I said that I wanted to split the loot but he wanted it all so we had a fight and… this happened.”

Six puts his gun closer to the man’s head “Where can I find this vault 111”. To Be Continued