Six had wandered the wastes for ten years. He had encountered hundreds of Deathclaws, helped thousands of people and… killed more than he could count, but never had he come across as much danger that lurked in the shadows of the Commonwealth. Raiders in every building, super mutant camps as far as the eye can see, Radscorpions at every corner but Six was prepared for anything… even the clutches of the Institute.

The Institute is a peril that makes even the toughest Wastelanders whimper. The whole Commonwealth shakes in fear of this mysterious institute. It is said that they take people in the night and replace them with their retched synths.

Six had finally reached it. Vault 111. He thought it was a funny looking vault as it had an elevator going underground instead of a door in a hill like Vault 101. He walked over to a small cabin-like structure and found a terminal that read <CRYO STASIS> <1 UNIT OPERATIONAL :OPEN: :CLOSE:> “ED-E scan for life signs” Six told his robot companion “beep buzz boop” ED-E said with a confused tone. “Only one? Jeez… well I suppose we should wake them up… whoever they are.” As Six said this he slowly put his hand on his holstered pistol.

The elevator started to come up. Six pushed down the safety of his holster and loaded Big Ben. Up came a man… Just one man. He looked around. “Whoa what the-“His words were cut short as Six shouted, “Who the hell are you!” The man quickly turned, took one look at six, screamed and fainted. Six and ED-E looked at each other and looked back at the unconscious man on the ground “erm” Six murmured. “Perhaps we should camp here for tonight.”

The night was beautiful. The moon rose high in the sky and not a sound was uttered. But Six could not sleep a wink. This man he had found… This “Sole Survivor”… Who is he? Is he just a vault dweller, or is he part of something bigger? Six glanced over at the petrified vault dweller, he had not taken in his surroundings well. He took one look at Six and out go the lights.

The next morning the man finally woke up. “Where am I?” he asked Six. “Well… You’re in The Commonwealth formerly known as Boston. The year is 2287 and…” Before Six could finish, the man shouted “Wait 2287?!? When I entered the vault it was 2077!” “Wow… The man that time forgot, eh?” Six said, confused as ever. “Hmmm… Well. Better get you some breakfast then.” Six said. “By the way what did you say your name was?” asked the man” “Six, what’s yours?” “Sebastian, Sebastian Williams. But you can call me Seb. What’s that?” asked Seb “Oh sorry. This is ED-E, my loyal… errr… companion” replied Six “Well it’s nice to meet you ED-E” “Beep boop bop” agreed ED-E. “He seems to like you Seb.” Said Six “Yeah well I before the bombs dropped I had a mister handy called Codsworth. And we got along quite well” replied Seb.

The next morning, our two heroes decided to leave their camp. “We should go to Sanctuary Hills” said Seb “that’s where I used to live” “I think you mean Sanctuary” Replied six “I saw a random mister handy hovering about some house trying to polish some rusty broken down car. God it was a sight for sore eyes I’m telling you.” “Could it be Codsworth?” There was a short period of silence before Seb piped up and said “We’ve got to go there!”