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  • Sebstar546

    Q.O.T.C Announcement 2

    September 6, 2016 by Sebstar546

    Hi, everyone. It's us! We are extremely sorry for not posting every Wednesday as we said we would. We were suffering from writer's block. We're just really excited for coming back. Shout out to FoRdH8Er24 for commenting on our story. We really appreciate it, you have got our spirits back. -Sebstar and Chazarox

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  • Sebstar546

    Chapter 1: Goldmine

    February 25, 2016 by Sebstar546

    Six had wandered the wastes for ten years. He had encountered hundreds of Deathclaws, helped thousands of people and… killed more than he could count, but never had he come across as much danger that lurked in the shadows of the Commonwealth. Raiders in every building, super mutant camps as far as the eye can see, Radscorpions at every corner but Six was prepared for anything… even the clutches of the Institute.

    The Institute is a peril that makes even the toughest Wastelanders whimper. The whole Commonwealth shakes in fear of this mysterious institute. It is said that they take people in the night and replace them with their retched synths.


    Six had finally reached it. Vault 111. He thought it was a funny looking vault as it had an elevato…

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  • Sebstar546

    Q.O.T.C Anouncment 1

    February 18, 2016 by Sebstar546

    Quests of the Commonwealth (Q.O.T.C) Is a New Fallout Story Line Based on two Main characters Sebastian (Sebstar546) and Six (Chasarox). These will be posted on my blog every Wednesday don't forget to leave comments for Ideas, Questions or saying that you enjoy the content. if you do not like the content please don't leave any hate as I am trying my best to entertain. So tune in every Wednesday for my weekly blog posts and be sure to check out Chasarox's account on this website. to see other anouncements that he will post for the series or to show you're appreciation of his editing skills. that's all for now. Bye

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  • Sebstar546

    The day was scorching, all the evil critters of the commonwealth were driven away by the radioactive heat. All accept one lone Merc hidden in the burnt under growth, this one man who was ready to take on the world...and that man was Six with his faithful companion ED-E. six is one of the most famous wanderers in all the wastes. He single-handedly took on the enclave remnants with sheer brute force and... Legend has it that he survived a direct shot in the fore head. He is the most feared and... The most loved.

    But our devastating hero has a job to do. He has been assigned by an anonymous contractor all the way from the Pitt. He has been ordered to find and assassinate the leader of the institute. He has been told by this Mysterious stranger…

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