• ScienceGuy44

    There's a reason I'm split on the trailer, and that's not because of the graphics. What I saw was Vertibird's flying overhead a Pre-war town - despite the fact that Vertibird's weren't in production in 2077. God dammit, Bethesda. Then there is, of course, the show of that city and so on - a giant airship, a seemingly gigantic fleet of Vertibird's at some factions disposal that didn't look a lot like the Enclave? Maybe this is going to be something like Fallout: Tactics - semi-canonical, enjoyable gameplay and an interesting plot. Maybe. Hopefully. I'm still worried that it'll stamp on lore like an exterminator stamps on cockroaches, but maybe I'm overly pessimistic. Until the point where more information comes through, I'll be waiting with…

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