Year: 2316

Setting: The Commonwealth(what is left of Massachusetts, Mainly around the cities of Boston,Lowell and the Massachusetts Institue of Technology)


You are born into Vault 54(Located in the city of Lowell(A pre-war industrial city).), Unlike the Vault Dweller from Fallout3, you are a 'pure' human and have never been exposed to Radiation/FEV.

Vault 54, was a controlled vault,(vault 54 was NOT supplied with a G.E.C.K.), and was designed to open on july 19th 2316, 239 years after the atomic war that had ruined most of the planet.

The vault opens at 7:20am on july 19th 2316. You are a vault dweller around the age of 18, and are one of the few who decide to leave the vault after it opens.

You either decide to make a camp with some others who had left the vault with you, or you can choose to roam The Commonwealth alone, only to find that The Commonwealth is in need of a savior.


  • Low L(Downtown/East Side/West Side)
  • Vault 54 - The vault you came from
  • New Boston - Though hit hard by atomic warheads, New Boston is now a 'Safe' place to settle down.
  • Newt - A settlement of undesireables/raiders/junkies, Run and controlled by a raider gang called the 'Newts'.
  • Lynn - Remnants of a pre-war town, the brotherhood basically 'own' this Town, and have a base of operations here.
  • The Institute - Where the Androids come from, home to many Technological breakthroughs/Pre-war Tech.
  • Remnant's Camp - a Camp of Chinese Remnant Soldiers.
  • New Boston Harbor - Home to Smugglers and their boats.
  • Vin Yerd - Near Cape Cod, most likely Martha's Vineyard.

Creatures/General NPCs

  • Androids - Synthetic men from The Institute.
  • [Faction]Institute Scientists - The humans that inhabit The Institute.
  • [Faction]Chinese Remnant Soldiers - Remnant chinese soldiers that were ghoulified but now live peacefully, Often trading with the natives(They have knowledge of the languages used in the area, along with english)
  • Raiders - Several tribes of raiders, notably the Newts from the settlement of Newt.
  • [Faction]Smugglers - Much like the ones from Point Lookout, they have a boat in Boston Harbor
  • New Boston Residents - People who live in New Boston
  • [Faction]Brotherhood of Steel(Lynn Chapter) - After the 'Win' for the brotherhood in the capital wasteland, they desided to search north into The Commonwealth because of rumors that The Institute is home to alot of Pre-War tech.
  • Vault 54 Dwellers - People from Vault 54 that occasionally leave the vault.
  • Coyotes - Like the ones from the Mojave, only more brown.
  • Yao Guai - Like the ones from the Capital wasteland.
  • Squirrels - Harmless, tastes good if cooked on a stick..(though some people have claimed seeing them fly, but they were probably on jet).
  • Giant rats - Like the ones in the Mojave.
  • Giant Beavers - Like normal beavers, only not so cute, much larger, and have huge front teeth to bite you with, mostly live in little dungeon-like beaver dams.


  • Chinese Assault Rifle - Much like the ones seen in the Capital Wasteland, Sold only by Chinese Remnants...if you can convince them.
  • Hornet Rocket Launcher - Launches 4 rockets at a time.
  • Sting Sting Boom - Unique Hornet Rocket Launcher, shoots 5 rockets at a time, 1 of them being an EMP blast rocket.
  • Wieldable Wrench - For sneaky melee situations.
  • AER 12 Laser Rifle - Considered cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology before the Great War and was used only in a handful of specialty units within the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Battle Pistol - Much like a sawed-off shotgun, holds 3 shotgun shells, Semi Auto fire.
  • Combat Rifle - Similar to an XM8, Fully automatic assault rifle, uses 5.56mm
  • Hoo-ah - Unique Combat Rifle.
  • Wattz 500 Laser Rifle - one of the very first laser rifles made.
  • Battle Hammer - much like a super sledge.
  • Smash! - Unique Battle Hammer.
  • Sea Mine - used to blow up smuggler boats, or anything that lurks in the waters!


  • Riot Police Armor - Pre-war Police armor, used in riots.
  • New Boston Power Armor - A symbol of New Boston's power.
  • Police Vest - Police Bulletproof vest.
  • Smuggler Combat armor - Somewhat like NCR trooper armor, only Black and with a pirate logo instead of NCR logo.
  • Brotherhood of Steel T-60C Power armor - New Power armor developed by the Brotherhood back in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Armored Vault 54 Suit - An Armored Vault Suit.
  • Wasteland Legend Armor - Armor finely crafted by you, Composed of lightweight leather armor as a base reinforced with kevlar-like matierals.

This game allows gameplay after completion after the main quest, and DLC that Brings you up and down the east coast, even back to the Capital Wasteland.