Recently there appears to be a jump in trolls on here (but it could be me) on the recent activity list. They are a nuisance, but in their own annoying way they can be useful for improving articles.

I have started to re-read any articles (where I have time) that have been reverted as many of these have not had any significant edits made to them in a while and have often re-edited the articles, fixing syntax, re-ordering lists, pulling missing data from GECK/CK etc. In turn this renders their efforts to vandalise and put editors off worthless,as in the end all they have succeed in doing is improving the wiki in the long term.

Sadly, trolls are here to stay and without eliminating the majority of well intended, anonymous contributors we do see there is very little we can do to change this. I would prefer to be editing articles where they had popped up from genuine edits, at the same time I refuse to see the time of administrators and regular users go to complete waste.

In short - Thank you trolls for bringing these articles back to the forefront of of our recent edits pages so we can take a look at them again and improve them where fit. I'd rather you didn't do it, but I refuse to let you win.