Here we are, 60 years and one day to the Great War, have you got your Vault-Tec Shelter ready yet?

Don't forget we have the Friday and Saturday polls going.

On this day

In 2077, the platinum chip is processed. Mr. House expects the courier to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

From last week

I asked the question of if we should look into giving Interwiki editors Patroller rights, to make our lives easier. With the exception of a no and a blanket yes "Only if they are adding interwiki links" was the the forefront of competition. We still have a few things running from the last week, so I will hold off before raising this.

On that note, YoD has produced a guide for best practice on how to add Interwiki links. It isn't the most beautiful page out there, sadly help pages are shared across the network, so we cannot 100% control the content.

Creation Club - the final vote

Creation Club logo

I mentioned that the last vote didn't get very far and the Bureaucrats were having trouble making a decision. There conclusion on Monday was to have a final vote, all or nothing, no more votes on the situation. We are all tired and drained from talking about this, so this vote, will bet the decider. At the time of writing, individual pages looks like it will win out and we can form policy, but anything can happen in the final 24 hours.

Mister Handy

Fo Mr Handy Render

Oxhorn, the YouTuber has pointed out an inconsistency in who created the Mister Handy, was it General Atomics, or did RobCo have a hand in it all? We have had one person kindly try to correct us, based on this video, but as a community we couldn't get a consensus in the-editoral-bullpen, this means we need to discuss how to handle it. Check the talk page and give your input.

Patrollers and Content Moderators

Reporters pen

We have managed to maintain our running streak on the patrol log, adding another 7 days clear. This will not mean much to most people, put our patrollers are responsible for checking every edit that is made for vandalism, spelling/grammar, layout inconsistencies, the list goes on. If we keep this up, I may consider a little badge to show my appreciation.

The discussion on Content Moderators is still ongoing, although it has stalled at present. There is a stronger belief in the need for them now, but no consensus on criteria to apply.

Chat and discord

Fallout Chat emojis

We are now fairly comfortable that it is time for Chat to hang up its boots, but we still don't have a strong grip on what rules we need to put in place to adapt to the discord world, do we enforce wiki names, peg users to the name on entry or just let them go wild? What are the rules around bots, where does it turn to misuse outside the robot-maintenance channel.

The biggest question no-one has yet to ask is: How do we get Pagani to leave chat and join us? More input is certainly needed

Abuse filter

I have been playing around with the abuse filter to see if we can reduce vandalism. After a few false starts, (Jspoel and Numbers were blocked just trying to edit innocently,) we caught our first two vandals, plus a few we didn't want to block. Certainly some more testing needed.

I would like to thank Pedro, Peace and his sockpuppet Red Lucy (who now has a new mission to go where no sockpuppet has gone before), Yodamort and Dragão for their filter testing.


This week we installed Shoutcast (Junk Radio anyone?) and Panoweaver onto the server, to see if we we can get 3d locations (maybe even weapons) up and running.

Would you be interested in Fallout Wiki having its own radio?

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