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  • Sakaratte

    News 15 October 2017

    October 15, 2017 by Sakaratte

    This has been a busy week for the wiki, a lot of ideas have come up, changes that are on going and other projects in the works.

    On this day Colonel Spindel committed suicide at the Mariposa Military Base in 2077.

    We have had 5 forums running covering various aspects of the wiki and editorial.

    We still do not have a decision on Creation Club, which as the title of the forum to decide how to handle still being apt:

    We have managed to get the options down to 2 main veins of thought (with one vote between them: A page for each item, or a page for everything. With the result being so narrow and so polarised, one of the options being considered is a third (and hopefully final) vote to settle it between them once and for all. At present we are waiti…

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  • Sakaratte

    I have alluded for a while that something was coming from the moderators, now we have come into the new month, I can finally announce the first Moderators choice award for Discussions!

    All the posts we have selected were seen by the moderators over the last month and added to a pot until this week, then judged based on three criteria:

    1. Quality of the post
    2. Quality of responses
    3. Overall traction.

    Your discussions post, Old World Blues has been noticed by the moderators and the Moderator's Choice award for August 2017!

    First, we have OldWorldBluesIsBest with his review of Old World Blues.

    It is hardly surprising that one man's love is so well written out and many hours of thought were put into this. It was a little spammy in places, but in the end the p…

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  • Sakaratte

    In short mini-modding is a declaration that something is, or is not within the rules. Key phrases that indicate someone is mini-modding include:

    • "This is"
    • "You shouldn't be doing"
    • I am

    This can also extend to certain actions, like trying to tease information out of individuals of wrong doing.

    There is a miryad of issues than come from these actions:

    1. The mini-modder is told it is not their place to call:
      • This can lead to arguments and fights
    2. Moderators overule the statement:
      1. The mini-modder is left looking rather sheepish.
      2. Two sides form in argument, leading to topic derailment.
    3. The mini-modder ends up breaking the rules:
      • This is particularly likely in a situation when ToU or COPPA is involved. People have been blocked for breaking these rules trying t…

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  • Sakaratte

    Once again, it is gamers favourite time of year to flock to Steam and see what is is up for sale. Courtesy of The Courier NCR for life spotting Fallout: New Vegas for $2.50, I have done a little bit of investigating and the entire Fallout Series is on sale until the 5th of July.

    All base games* are reduced by 75% and expansion packs are cut in price by 40%. The best deal by fair listed is the Fallout Bundle, which includes Fallout 1 and 2, Tactics, the Fallout 3 Game of the Year, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and Fallout 4 and its Season Pass for just over USD $60.00.

    If you want to fix your back catalogue or have been waiting for a good deal on Wastleland Workshop, now would certainly be the time to consider buying.

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  • Sakaratte

    Fallout 4 weekend

    May 25, 2017 by Sakaratte

    Bethesda have just released an email advertising that Fallout 4 will be free to play this weekend (25th-28th May) only. For anyone who has a steam account or Xbox Gold, now would be a good time to have a play around and pick the game and its downloadable content up for up to 67% off.

    Update 05/26/2017: I have now seen the Steam offer and can confirm that Fallout 4 is 67% off and the Season pass has been reduced to 40%. Individual DLC packs have not been reduced and remain at full retail price. If I get confirmation of the Xbox prices I will update these as well.

    Update 05/27/2017: Apologies for the comments being disabled, not sure how/why that happened, but they are now open again.

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