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  • I live in England
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Business Analyst
  • Bio Resident catmin of the Fallout and Divinity wikis. I am strangely drawn to violinists. Just don't get me started on the E string.

    I've never opened up to anyone
    So hard to hold back
    When I'm holding you in my arms
    We don't need to rush this
    Let's just take it slow
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  • Sakaratte

    As I understand, many of our discussions users don't know what a talkpage is, or even how to find it. These useful, but well hidden (on mobile at least) pages are the primary form of communication on the Fandom site between editors, rights holders and other users. User talkpages are in essence, a free for all on what can be discussed on them, but standard etiquette still applies; insults and harassment will result in a block as they would if on the discussions board.

    First up is the Discussions app. As much as I harp on about how much I don't like the app itself, the look of talkpages is nice. First, find your article search button (on android it is the magnification glass on the home screen, other OSes may differ).

    From here, simply search…
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  • Sakaratte

    As we have had the inclusion of Content Moderators into our roster and I have had questions about a couple of the other roles I feel it time to explain the rights and their position in the community.

    User rights are essentially tool kits given to users to perform specific operations. They are not a reward for good behaviour, nor are they for lording over other users. Users with rights are trusted by the community to handle to the toolkits given them.

    Patrollers are in essence, our editorial quality checkers and often the first to spot and revert vandalism. The edits they make are trusted to be accurate (but a bit of oversight should be given, as with all users) and they understand the policies to a significant degree.

    Additionally they have t…

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  • Sakaratte

    News October 22 2017

    October 22, 2017 by Sakaratte

    Here we are, 60 years and one day to the Great War, have you got your Vault-Tec Shelter ready yet?

    Don't forget we have the Friday and Saturday polls going.

    In 2077, the platinum chip is processed. Mr. House expects the courier to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

    I asked the question of if we should look into giving Interwiki editors Patroller rights, to make our lives easier. With the exception of a no and a blanket yes "Only if they are adding interwiki links" was the the forefront of competition. We still have a few things running from the last week, so I will hold off before raising this.

    On that note, YoD has produced a guide for best practice on how to add Interwiki links. It isn't the most beautiful page out there, sadly help pages are shared…

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  • Sakaratte

    News 15 October 2017

    October 15, 2017 by Sakaratte

    This has been a busy week for the wiki, a lot of ideas have come up, changes that are on going and other projects in the works.

    On this day Colonel Spindel committed suicide at the Mariposa Military Base in 2077.

    We have had 5 forums running covering various aspects of the wiki and editorial.

    We still do not have a decision on Creation Club, which as the title of the forum to decide how to handle still being apt:

    We have managed to get the options down to 2 main veins of thought (with one vote between them: A page for each item, or a page for everything. With the result being so narrow and so polarised, one of the options being considered is a third (and hopefully final) vote to settle it between them once and for all. At present we are waiti…

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  • Sakaratte

    I have alluded for a while that something was coming from the moderators, now we have come into the new month, I can finally announce the first Moderators choice award for Discussions!

    All the posts we have selected were seen by the moderators over the last month and added to a pot until this week, then judged based on three criteria:

    1. Quality of the post
    2. Quality of responses
    3. Overall traction.

    Your discussions post, Old World Blues has been noticed by the moderators and the Moderator's Choice award for August 2017!

    First, we have OldWorldBluesIsBest with his review of Old World Blues.

    It is hardly surprising that one man's love is so well written out and many hours of thought were put into this. It was a little spammy in places, but in the end the p…

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