Fore Note : I came from a BIG Family spread across many many states coast to coast boarder to boarder like Blood Legion.

  • Men of my family serve America generation after generation into antiquity.

If you doubt some group might "Not" stand up if the USA fell down.. Read this

Fallout Games are loosely based on the real fears of the Cold War era.

The look and feel of the games reflect a characterized world that feared the power of the atom, foreign nations and the self fulfilling prophecy of social disorder and conspiratorial power plays either to maintain or gain rule when the worst of things happen.

I know my own history. I was born in a year of epic change and near limitless fear.

Fresh & pink from the exposed flesh that was pealed back from the festering blister that was McCarthyism, the world needed hope.

It was a time when commies and racial turmoil was the every day fear. War with all it's carnage is but a shadow of what it is to live in fear every day, after day. EVERY DAY!

Less than 3 months before my birth John F. Kennedy, The United States of AMERICA's PRESIDENT was assassinated.

  • A scant few months after my birth, his Brother, Robert F. Kennedy, a truly bold advocate for racial tolerance was just as publicly assassinated.

I make the case that I know where the mood of the Fallout world is borne, what it feels like. I was born into the reality of that HELL on earth we barley avoided.

It was an age of mistrust, Racial, Social & Economic FEAR and all twisted into a knot at the pit of the American Nightmare.

  • Backyards, Victory Gardens from less than two decades before were dug up & replaced by pits with walls of cinder block and Asbestos.

The cold war was sweaty hot even as I grew & was schooled with daily drills to duck & cover under our desks. Bi weekly alerts to file out into the halls, where we were taught to kneel & cover our heads with or hands as we faced the wall.


  • Still we went down into the shelter below. They told us not to be afraid.
  • They Told us we would be OK.

I did as I was told & I grew to be a Man & a soldier of the 82nd Airborne. I was a paratrooper but my primary MOS would be'protece 13 C' Tackfire Operations Specialist ( Look it up I dare you ).

I was part of the Tactical Operations Center, I calculated the coordinates for artillery mission. However what set me apart from a 13 E Is that I was also trained & regularly drilled in preparation to input data for Nuclear Chemical and Biological fire missions.

  • Yes, the USA has all that & the BEST MOST LETHAL OF ALL !! { Policy says we don't use them FIRST }

I did that job for my fist enlistment but I wanted more face to face so instead of getting out I reenlisted & whet back to school to Join the { Combat } Military Police. . I stress combat because I never gave a tragic ticket.. In my companies, as I did this job for some odd 18 years.. Roughly, A warning was a 3 round burst that either said stop or stopped.

  • I know what it is to be a civilian child with threat of the Big Bad Bombs .
  • I know what it is like to be trained & capable to have the "Situation Awareness" of have'n my finger on the button.
  • I Been in the streets of enemy nations "Plural" & I have fired my weapon in anger.

The Long & short of it is I have seen the Shadow of Fallout up close and real.. As have my cousins, uncles, nephews..

  • We've spent more than enough time in bunkers. I know the REAL way things will go down if it all went to shit & all the flags dropped!

So I know if the bombs fell & the government decided to hide or was a no show.. Old Troops like me & my family would crawl out of the ashes with the will, the knowledge & Experience to claim the old world toys & we'd make some order until the next election ~;)