I'm proposing a companion idea that I would be honored to call "Our" idea.

Right now I'm working on Major Tom's quotes & I'd like to hear any constructive thoughts. So here is some back ground.

Being a small monkey, Major Tom could not & should not, take part in combat nore will he carry bulky items like weapons & armor. Major Tom has a special skill, he dances to create a distraction allowing the player bonuses for stealthy actions. So Major Tom sometimes has his own opinions relating to certain situations & things the player might ask him to do.

  • Major Tom will refuse to carry any weapon or armor other than his default space monkey suit.
  • Major Tom will never engage in any form of combat.
  • Major Tom's Intelligence is listed as a 6 in human terms but for a monkey, there is no doubt his cunning would tip that scale to a devious and mischievous genius.
  • Major Tom dose not actually speak any human language but pictograph symbols and word buttons on his monkey pipboy, when linked to some computer operating systems and other pip boys, can roughly translate "Monkey Speak" as it's called, into vocal clips and phrases for basic communication and of course being raised by "Human Folk" Major Tom dose understand the meaning of a great many words, a basic sign languagebody and common gestures.
  • Major Tom knows better than to try his Monkey Dance Distraction on irrationaly hostile creatures and he will not be shy about telling the player what he thinks of the idea.

Here are the "Monkey Speak" quotes I came up with ~ I hope yours are better ;)


Work in progress ~ Major Tom, Monkey Speak, quotes

  • After the player tries to bury Major Tom with Armor and Weapons he could never carry.

"Last week, King Kong, Now, Here, Just me..→Major Tom Or "You, Crazy Folk !"→Major Tom

  • When the player is sneaking.

"This game, we like, Yes !''→ Major Tom Or "Sneaky, sneaky''→ Major Tom

  • When a sudden battel erupts and just as Major Tom scurries for cover.

"Look, a shadow !'' → Major Tom Or "Wrong turn!!''→ Major Tom

  • After a battle.

"Lover, Yes, Fighter, No.''→ Major Tom. Or "Messy, messy, messy. ''→ Major Tom.

  • If the player askes Major Tom to distract irrationaly hostile creatures..

"DANCE FOR GIANT SHARP POINTY Folk ?? ~ Not this week ! ''→ Major Tom.

"Dance for angree GLOWING DEAD Folk ? ~ This, Your turn. ''→ Major Tom.

"No dance for salad Folk. ''→ Major Tom.

"That idea, is, Abomination. ''→ Major Tom.

"You, Crazy Folk, Know that ?" ''→ Major Tom.

A silent gesture with 1 monkey finger raised in the players direction. → Major Tom.

  • If Major Tom decides to leave the player forever.

"I go this way. You, you just go,.. Folk" → Major Tom. Or "Sad. Just sad.." → Major Tom.

Like I said, I hope your quotes are better than mine. Have fun with it & thanks for the input.

If you want to read Major Tom's full character sheet & quest ideas check out my profile page.

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