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( In the year of Fallout 4 )

The Broken chamber is the shattered remains of a pre-Great War office complex that served as the L.A. base of the U.S Commonwealth's shadowy, covert, government branch know as "The Agency".


This L.A. branch office was founded in the year 2055 with the cover story of it being an exclusive, members only, gentleman's club for lawyers called "Private Chambers". The agents who worked here used a personal cover story of being either Lawyers, club management or dancers, a fact that did not sit well with most of the female agents but as it was all supposed to be in the secret service of God and country they held their tongues and served as ordered.

The Agency's mission was to install and remotely monitor illegal wire taps, conduct surveillance and covert investigations on suspected un-American activities.

This branch's funding ended Oct. 23rd, 2077 at approximately 11:30 am, old world Los Angeles time.


The Broken chamber building complex comprises eight areas with the Medical bay being directly accessed by an opening cinematic.

  • (( Please note: The following cinematic discription is only meant to illustrate a minor tremor that is common to California and in no way should be interpreted as the destruction of the Boneyard or any other named location that has survived the Fallout games thus far. ))

Chapter opening cinematic over view :

Set to the City of Lost Angels soundtrack. The point of view camera angle rushes over the night time California desert, it shakes slightly as if being buffeted about when it sweeps across what is assumed to be a mild agitation along the San Andreas fault line. The camera pans high over the gaudy lights of Angel's Boneyard as they flicker at the slight disruption of a mild after shock, then zooms in on the vast heap that is the surrounding ruins some call the The City of Lost Angels. A lone hooded figure is seen scrambling through lightly rumbling ruins, climbing over burnt out cars and inner city debris. A rock tumbles loose and rolls down into the street past a make shift Danger / Hazard sign.

In slow motion, the rolling stone breaks a trip wire. A grenade cluster drops and bounces upon a close pastern of Frag mines that surround a barricaded sewer manhole.

The camera angle changes to show The Stranger's silhouette against a growing fireball that causes a chain reaction of exploding cars, blasting through the rubble and collapsing a large portion of the street, engulfing the stranger, dragging them down with it into a gaping hole of darkness.. The screen goes black and all is silent for a long moment, followed by the sounds of lapping water, the sizzle of still hot metal and rapidly extinguished flames along with the game's familiar back ground noise indicating radiation's snap crackle and pop. Then approaches the sound of, robotic, maneuvering thrusters slowly growing louder as again all fades to darkness and then goes silent.

Still in point of view mode, "The stranger" blinks and slowly opens their eyes. The player finds them selves in what appears to be a brightly lit metal tube with a small window at eye level that overlooks a dimly lit chamber with flickering lights and occasional flashes from sparking wires.

Again there is the sound of thrusters approaching as a weathered, slightly rusted and heavily beaten Mr. Handy robot bobs into view to suddenly turn one of it's remaining functional eye camera arms close to the glass. It exclaims in a thick British ascent, "Welcome home! So good to see you alive, and, umm, Ah.. Well ?, So to speak..." There is a pause and then it continues "Oh no, please do not try to talk.. Unfortunately your injuries called for, well, I dare say, extensive facial reconstruction.. Emm and to that end, yes.. If I may be so bold,.. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.. It is above my station to suggest how an agent might wish to appear."

  • ((A player with more than a 3 Intelligence might begin to suspect this robot is acting toward "The Stranger" from the position of a mistaken identity.))

"Agent, I must apologize. The Auto Doc has not had proper maintenance in quite some time. I am afraid the current administration have not seen fit to respond regarding technical support or proper funding for well over 200 years according to last quarters report." "Oh well, the economy is sure to show an up turn any day now." "Just hold still now." "Better to suffer the slings and arrows and all that."

"Still, em, I must offer a small word of warning.." "This Auto-Doc's power supply is indeed at critically low levels, so you should not attempt to exit until you are fully satisfied with the plastic surgery." "To turn a phrase, Your face will thank you tomorrow for the care you take, today"..

  • The above dialog ends the cinematic and opens the familiar character recreation mode to optionally rework The Stranger's" sex, race and general appearance just as the Fallout 3 and New Vegas games allowed when leaving Vault 101 or Goodsprings.

It also allows the player the opportunity to reset "The Stranger's" Tag skills before returning control of the game back to the player.

Medical bay

Exiting the Auto-Doc triggers a pop up that begins the primary quest Live, Learn, Survive!

  • Pop up details (Explore the Broken Chamber, practice your skills, craft helpful items and live to see the wastelands again.)

As "The Stranger' exits the Auto-Doc they can see the Med bay is actually two small rooms. The first of course has a now disabled Auto-Doc. It is a dimly lit chamber with flickering lights and occasional flashes from sparking wires. Beside the Auto-Doc there is a desk that has a Hot plate and a Pack of cigarettes on top. Inside a drawer there is a Stimpak and a box of 15 Bobby pins. The west end of this room is just a pile of rubble and burnt out car frames spilling into an irradiated pool from where the street had collapsed, clearly there could be no going back that way. The second room is in a slightly better condition with a treatment table that may offer the Well rested perk if slept on for at least eight hours, a wall mounted very easy locked First aid boxes stocked with 1 Buffout, 1 Med-X, 1 Psycho and 2 Stimpaks.

  • Optional equipment : If the project leads have not yet determined a new Pip-Boy model. This development team proposes The Pip-Boy 007. A government special issue tool. Clearly a redesign of the 3000 model it's primary feature being a bypass of the standard Pip-Boy glove, a much more subdued screen display, a flat black paint job and a notable lack of displayed model number all combine to make a more subtle design that has features built with stealth in mind.

Falderoy being a well intended but sightly, damaged and confused robot believes "The Stranger" to be a returning field agent. The robot suggest "The Stranger" must have been through quite an ordeal to loose their Pip-Boy and so provides "The Stranger" with a Pip-Boy 007 and suggest they might find a change of clothes in the Gym's lockers.

Broken Chamber Gym

Due to the added stability of the rock climbing wall serving as an extra load bearing pillar, this well equipped gym appears to be the best preserved room in the broken chamber.

Approaching the rock climbing wall will trigger a pop up window relating to the primary quest Live, Learn, Survive! with detailed instructions for using the climbing skill.

Among the selves there can be found 3 Pre-War parkstroller outfits, 2 Leather belts, 1 Buffout and 1 Purified water.

Most notable loot:

  • The matching "Agent Lima's Lucky Hat" can be reached by climbing the lockers next to the rock climbing trophies.

Weapons Maintenance

Weapons maintenance a small bay with 3 tables running across the center, one with an Electric hot plate and booth a Workbench and a Reloading bench against the west wall.

Distributed on and around the work areas there can be found items, booth useful and junk.

Two easy locked Ammunition boxs and 2 Hammers are found next to the work benches.

  • { This weapon is damaged beyond function but may be repaired with a 25 repair skill. Would you like to take it? YES or No }

On the floor to the left of the work bench is a medium locked Footlocker that contains 2 Weapon repair kits, a box of 10 Bobby pins and a Fission battery.

Approaching the Work and or Reloading benches with crafting or reloading materials will trigger a Crafting pop up as part of the Live, Learn, Survive! quest line prompting the player how to craft and or reload.

  • This would be a fine time and place to craft an Explorer's Multi-Tool and break down the .44 rounds to craft 10mm rounds for the pistol.

Home front station "ECHELON"

  • Just as in FO3 and FNV activating any terminal opens a basic tutorial pop up.

Back in the days before the Great War, through this now decrepit but other wise unremarkable looking office space with it's banks of computers and priority linked phones "The Agency" had it's thumb on the pulse at the neck of the free world.

Six of seven computers still function and so might be hacked with skill requirements ranging from very easy to medium difficulty and even though a good portion of the data is either corrupted or otherwise cloaked in obvious pseudonyms it's clear that no mater how well intended or patriotic the Agency's mission statement might have been. Some where along the way, their information gathering strayed beyond rooting out communist sympathizers and became more about gaining power and influence at the expense of other's privacy and personal liberties.

  • Hacking these computers has no real effect on events in the year of FO4 but it dose add flavor to the game's back story and fulfills yet another stage of the primary quest line Live, Learn, Survive! as it allows you to practice your hacking skills.

Common loot : 4 Coffee mugs, 1 Coffee pot, 3 Grape Mentats, 5 Ashtrays, 8 pencils, 1 Chessboard

Notable Loot:

Shattered sewer

The Shattered sewer is aptly named as it is gaping hole collapsed deep into what the rising stench would clearly confirm as a sewer. The shattered section broke east to west clean through the Broken Chamber, cutting off the Command Center to the north.

This damage is not quite as recently created as the crater that sucked "The Stranger" down into this fresh hell but apparently it has been "explosively" opened within, as a guess, less than a month. If "The Stranger" wishes to proceed they must use their climbing skill.

  • ( At this point a wise player might be sure they have all the tools they need to aid them before they move forward. )

After climbing down the three to four story vertical incline "The Stranger" sees they are in a sewer that slopes down to east and west. Due north there is a fortified steel door with a medium locked Terminals and an empty First Aid Box to it's left.

The Door's lock is broken but an attempt at the terminal is still a option. Successfully hacking the terminal will grant experience however the monitor will indicate that the door is malfunctioning and will not open. Either way, any attempt at the door or terminal will soon draw the misdirected angry attention of Mr. Bravo as he will shout through the terminals hidden intercom. Listen here now you Damn Dirty Hippies! I kicked your asses the last time you knocked on my door. So unless you're here to sell Girl Scout cookies or BRING BACK WHAT'S MINE! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!

The dialog responses declaring "The Stranger's" innocence could range from dramatic to the comedic but any way it goes Mr. Bravo might not be sure he trusts "The Stranger" but he is willing to make use of them either way. Mr. Bravo tells"The Stranger" that a bunch of Damn dirty Hippies have been running amok blowing holes in every thing. It seems a couple of weeks back they even managed to breach the lower chambers and stole something precious to Mr. Bravo. He wants you to get it back and he dose not much care how you do it. So if "The Stranger" hopes to exit the Broken Chamber Mr. Bravo expects results.

This begins the quest "Get my Mojo back" Track down the White Zombie Clan, find and retrieve Mr. Bravo's briefcase.

  • Note: It is possible attempt bluffing your way to the exit, with a speech check of 25 you can try to lie by telling him you've already got the briefcase but entering the Command Center with out it or what should be inside the briefcase would fail this quest and turn Mr. Bravo lethally hostile and so the only way out would be to Kill Mr. Bravo and take the key off his body.

Assuming you choose to retrieve Mr. Bravo's briefcase, searching the sewers through the eastern tunnels you find they snake left and right up and down a few times meeting random encounters with, Giant rats, Radroaches and or Mole rats before eventually running into a collapsed tunnel dead end where the body of a dead Clan member will be found, for random equipment see White Zombie Clan. Exploring the western sewers you find they like wise twist and turn with similar random encounters but with the add hazard of a very few scattered frag mines and a couple of Trip wires attached to Grenade bouquets.

Eventually, assuming you survive, you will see the make shift walls of a some what typical raider base complete with graffiti and bodies hanging on hooks but oddly enough the player's HUD initially shows friendlies to be inside.

Clan Camp


Beyond the makeshift defensive wall that faces out to the east the camp stretches out to a bit less ten yards to the west wall where there is that is a heavy sewer access door that is impassible during this Apprentice contest, tutorial quest line.

Within the camp the sewer is bridged by scrap metal and plywood. there is one single bed, two sets of bunk beds and three mattresses that line the walls with an easy locked foot locker at the foot of each. Two picnic tables run along center of the camp with a Campfire to the east and west of them. Scattered about on top of the table, inside the footlockers and around the campfires there are assorted consumables and miscellaneous items.

All six beds and all the locked footlockers are considered owned so long as the Clan is present at this base. All other items are free for the taking.

Notable loot :

  • The key to Boo-Gity Ah-Mon's footlocker that can be pick pocketed or taken off his dead body.
  • Mr. Bravo's briefcase, locked in Boo-Gity Ah-Mon's footlocker.

Note: The only way to know which footlocker is Boo-Gity Ah-Mon's is to have his key, other wise the locks of each footlocker would need to be picked at random.


  • Three unnamed members of the White Zombie Clan (2 with small guns, 1 melee).
  • One Vicious dog (Friendly so long as the clan is)
  • The Boom Boom Twins
  • Boo-Gity Ah-Mon

So long as "The Stranger" dose not provoke the White Zombie Clan they will seem almost welcoming. Named Clan members will engage in trade for Consumables, Miscellaneous item or medical treatment at a fair barter price. Boo-Gity Ah-Mon will even freely offer some thing he calls Long Pig pot pie.

They will gladly tell "The stranger" their version of how the New California Republic bullied their ancestors, driving them out to live a nomadic life in the sewers and inhospitable ruins of the city of Lost Angels but when the discussion turns to Mr. Bravo they will admit to had dealings with him but no more than that as they insist. "It is Bad Mojo to speak of the undead." They seem far more interest to about The Stranger's unusual equipment. They flatter and almost seem to invite The Stranger to brag about their impressive gear and the great skill it must have taken to obtain it.

*So there is the moral and or strategic dilemma of the " it is almost certain the Brief case is here. You could attempt to sneak, try to unlock every secured container and or pic every pocket and risk a violent confrontation against superior numbers or go back and face the wrath of Mr. Bravo.

Either way "The Stranger" will have to face a difficult but most likely winnable fight. From what "The Stranger" knows the White Zombie Clan they are unquestionably violent thieves and there is evidence that they are even far worse than that. Still as of yet they have acted more than fairly with The Stranger, so far. The other choice is to face Mr. Bravo and most assuredly be forced to kill him. It's true he has like wise never done anything against the Stranger but all the evidence found in The Broken Chamber paints Mr. Bravo in a dark light as well, clearly his hands have been quite dirty for a very, very long time.

Broken Chamber Command Center

Accessible only through dialog with Mr. Bravo via the Sewer terminal to the Command Center.

*If "The Stranger" actually has Mr. Bravo's briefcase Mr. Bravo will gladly tell them where to find a climbable surface to reach the command center's Broken Chamber level door. If The Stranger dose not have the briefcase they will have to pass a speech check of 25 to lie and claim to have it.

Aware of the White Zombie Clan's superstitious nature Mr. Bravo devised an ingenious deterrent to keep them away from the upper access door. He arranged rubble from the collapsed sewer and the chamber above so that in order to access the only climbable surface that reaches the Command Center's door it would require walking on shards of broken mirror while passing under a short ladder.

Layout : The Broken Chamber's Command center is what remains of the Agency's L.A. branch Director and Deputy Director's shared office. It is roughly half the size of the Home front station "ECHELON" office space. A couch now serves as Mr. Bravo's bed. The medium computer terminal on his desk holds files from his personal journal as well as an account of what happened to his fellow agents after the Great War of 2077.

Common items : 1 Carton of cigarettes, 2 ash trays, 2 coffee ups, 1 Psycho, 1 Buffout, 2 Stimpaks

Notable Loot: A very hard locked safe with $2,400 in Pre-War money.

If The Stranger actually has the briefcase Mr. Bravo will not become hostile unless provoked. Instead he will express his gratitude and allow The Stranger the privilege of briefly holding his prized Vault Boy "climbing" paper weight that was inside the case, this increases The Strangers climbing skill by 10 points. Mr. Bravo then offers to pay $ 100 for each of the remaining Vault Boy Paper weights you an find. This at once begins & effectively ends the quest "Completing the collection".

As a further reward Mr. Bravo uses his personal stash of Stimpaks to heal The Stranger before wishing them good luck and unlocking the door to the "Private Chambers store front and the final challenge of the primary quest Live, Learn, Survive!

Private Chambers store front

Layout :

  • The once posh gentleman's club store front cover for the Agency's covert operations center is now a shattered ruins of a decaying broken furniture and the last location standing in the way of The Strangers goal to completing the main quest line Live, Learn, Survive!

As the White Zombie Clan's enforcer The Lost Angels patiently wait in the"Private Chambers" store front ready to act on behalf of his Clan and complete the main quest line.

  • If The Stranger decided to kill Mr. Bravo Roe and Wade would consider it a favor if they would take their favorite Teddy bear in trade Mr. Bravo's key to the Private Chambers store front.
  • If the Stranger decided to side with Mr. Bravo then The Lost Angels would be over joyed to exact harsh revenge on The Stranger.
  • The Lost Angels can be dealt with in either case or there is always the slim chance the player's character might be able to sneak past them unnoticed and survive by escaping into the wasteland.
  • If The Stranger is detected before they can make it to the exit, The door will remain locked until The Lost Angels are dealt with one way or another to end the main quest story line Live, Learn, Survive!


*Since the project leads have yet to name the player's character or detail their origins / back story, as the development team we will for now, initially refer to the player's character as "The Stranger".

  • As part of this season's Apprentice contest's primary tutorial new skill expansion, this location is unavoidable and can not be exited until certain tutorial quest line actions are taken.
  • Home front station "ECHELON" is a double reference to covert surveillance past and present. The 1st is most obvious as Home front security. The 2nd part ECHELON relates to cold war electronic global servelance.
  • Related to the Definition:Chamber The meeting hall of a legislative or other assembly. A place where judges hear matters not requiring action in open court.

The Agency used their chamber to hear matters that could not directly be admissible in court but blackmail might have been easily used to force a confession or the betrayal of another.