New Vagas needs more story & far less unsolicited solicitation !

  • New Vagas is hobbeld & net link bound from the date of purchase.
  • Fallout 3 off the disk could be played anywhere at any time~

pcIcon pc " Confirmed NOT ON LINE from AFGHANISTAN " Can you here this ?

I was in the war torn desert. I could not get e~mail but I could play the Fallout 3 game I bought.

  • I don't need Steam's mark on my cards. I paid to play & that should be all I ever need.
  • I do not wish to play for Steams worthless " achievement badges ".

I want to play the game I already paid for!

  • Steam needs to sell what they got on their time & not on the space I bought !

* Fallout 3 was hands down better than New Vagas.

I'll give Steam credit on what is due..

  • I like the gambling but I'm not a fan of that overhyped Caravan game.

My point is this ~

Like I always say, This is my game. I paid my own hard cash for it. I'm due to speak my bit.

*Wake up Steam ~ Fix what you made more than 1/2 broke.

Then I might buy more of your DLC.

That's my 2 bits, If you paid for your game feel free to chime in ;P~ That's why I'm here..

That was broke afore I got here! 04:04, May 26, 2011 (UTC)