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Character Name :Pixie Stardust. Presented to you by SaintPain.

Whores do it for money. I'm an entertainer and I LOVE SHOW BIZ! Pixie Stardust'

So full of positively glowing energy and an unshakable love of life, some who first meet Pixie Stardust might initially think her a tiny bit ditsy. For someone who claims to be an entertainer Pixie Stardust acts out the most obviously fake gypsy accent ever heard. It comes across as a really cliched vampire impression. One could almost imagine her saying "Blah, blah, blah I vont to suck your blood." Still her sweetly innocent nature makes it all work for her in a charming way, like folly in child.

Pixi Stardust is a former slave from The Pitt who is now based at Rivet City. Initially she is [The Pandorioum]'s resident "courtesan" in the year 2277. However after a couple of optional quests that could be undertaken by the player character Pixie would become the Star of a Gypsy caravan that brings useful aid and healing special services to the Capital Wasteland


A self proclaimed nymphomaniac Pixie Stardust is the Pandorioum's lead escort / masseuse. She was rescued as a child from The Pit by a female Pitt raider who some how could not allow such a lovely innocent child to rot away in the Pitt's plagued nightmare of disease, infection, and mutation. However this, unnamed oddly compassionate, Pitt Raider was mortally wounded in the escape and while she proved remarkably strong enough to survive the journey in to the Capital Wasteland, even Lady Asteria could not save the raider. So Lady Asteria took the young Pixie as a ward and trained her in what she called "the Gypsy arts."

Daily schedule

When the Pandorioum first appears in the Rivet City Market, Pixie will be the primary entertainer, escort / masseuse as Lady Asteria has apparently removed her self from all human physical contact.

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Enslavable: yesIcon check
Companion: yesIcon check
  • Temporary
Bounty: yesIcon check
Merchant: yesIcon check
Repairman: yesIcon check
  • Repairs up to 25%
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: yesIcon check
  • Rents bed/room for Special Services* caps
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: yesIcon check
  • Expanding relations, *Diplomatic relations, *Securing relations.


  • Expanding relations.
  • Diplomatic relations
  • Securing relations.

Effects of player's actions

After the quest Indecent Proposals Pixie will take on the role of director, adopting the title of Mistress Pixie Stardust, guiding the new Pandorioum recruits in what has been referred to as the Gypsy arts.

As a reward to the Lone Wanderer for their efforts in Indecent Proposals Pixie's personal, special services my be bartered for at a 25% discount.

During the quest Exploring Relations Pixie will serve as Caravan Leader, driving the Pack brahmin that pull her Gypsy wagon while the player character works booth as proposed trade rout guide and acting chief of security who is considered most responsible for bringing Pixie and the Gypsy pack animals back alive and relatively well.

The successful completion of Exploring relations will further earn the gratitude of Lady Asteria and allow the Lone Wanderer a 50% discount on goods and service provided booth at The Pandorioum and Pixie Stardust's gypsy caravan.

Once the Gypsy Caravan is up and running, and assuming the quest Protecting the Water Way was completed to the satisfaction of Officer Lepelletier, Lady Asteria will suggest your past dealings with Rivet City security and the Brotherhood of Steel could serve the Pandorioum's needs. Lady Asteria will ask the Lone Wanderer to take Pixie and make introductions for bit of [diplomatic relations] that might be mutually beneficial.

The normally some what uptight Officer Lepelletier's mood will almost immediately brighten when introduced to the charming Mistress Pixie Stardust and this would account for the relatively easy speech check of 25 to convince Officer Lepelletier that it would be mutually beneficial to add a water caravan team to Pixie Stardust's gypsy caravan. "After all there is safety in numbers". The two caravans would work together, watching each others backs. If these diplomatic relations can be resolved in the gypsies favor the player will be allowed a 75% discount on all goods and services provided at The Pandorioum as well at Stardust's Gypsy caravan.

Even with the added security provided by the Aqua Pura caravan guards Lady Asteria express concerns regarding the loyalty of common mercenaries and she will implore the Lone Wanderer to arrange a more reliable security force to keep her precious child and her Gypsy caravan safe. As luck have it Lone Wander's Companions would nicely fit the bill for securing relations although some may require more convincing than others. It is not absolutely necessary to enlist Dogmeat (Fallout 3) is by far the easiest to enlist every companion to complete the Securing relations quest but of course the more of them you recruited will greatly increase the caravans security. By far Dogmeat (Fallout 3) would be the easiest as his loyalty is unquestionable and he would genuinely enjoy booth the travel and the company. Fawkes Would be willing to serve as security for the caravan but he expresses doubt that he would be excepted and in this case his fears are confirmed as it would require the player vouch for Fawkes with a speech check of 50 with booth Lady Asteria and Pixie Stardust. Clover might be willing but she would need some persuading, first it would require the player to have chosen the Lady Killer perk and at least a Charisma of 5 or higher and then pass a speech check of 25 appealing to Clovers own vanity convincing Clover that "Pixie would love to show her appreciation for watching her tight, tanned, petite backside" and of course Pixie's predisposition to Nymphomania would not disappoint. Jericho's concern is strictly monetary, requiring the player to pay him 100 Bottlecaps every 30 game days, miss one month and Jericho would return to Megaton until he is payed 200 as compensation for the late payment. Sergeant RL-3 would protest but the military robot could be forced to over ride his prejudice against any one other than neutral but it would require the player to have chosen Robotics Expert and posses a charisma of 10. Even then the player would need to pass a speech check of 85 The dialog would indicate that the player is effectively pulling rank by demanding Sergeant RL-3 "Follow the chain of command and obey the lawful order as given!!" With the challenge passed the game would have the robot still seem be reluctant until Pixie Stardust slinks up close to stoke his programmed ego as she purrs "Oh such a brave and noble war machine, please Sergeant, would not protect this poor helpless civilian from the wicked communist hordes ?" This to imply she pushed the right button as Sergeant RL-3 mumble briefly and then shouts "There's nothing I like better than making some other poor bastard die for his country!" Finally Butch would perhaps be best used at The Pandorioum during the Indecent proposals quest but if the player would rather trust his to secure the gypsy caravan then it would take no more than bringing him to Pixie and asking him "How would you like to get close to that ?" Butch would jump at the chance but this of course would mean if you later made use of Pixie's special services you would effectively be sharing her with Butch DeLoria of all people. By completing this final quest and securing relations the Lone Wanderer would have at last proven them self a trusted There's nothing I like better than making some other poor bastard die for his country and as long as at least one of their followers survives to stay and travel with the Gypsy caravan the Lone Wanderer would be treated as a silent partner enjoying free use of all special service and items bought and sold at booth The Pandorioum and Pixie Stardust's Gypsy caravan will be bartered at no more than listed value.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
[Pixie's custom costume] Blackhawk [Gypsy caravan lockbox key] Saint Monica's devotional medallion


Pixie Stardust has only appeared in SaintPain's imagination but now she, The Pandorioum and Stardust's Gypsy caravan are all part of the Fallout Apprentice Qualification Challenge - A Traders' Life.


  • This is member's fiction after all : It's a Gypsy magic thing.Pixie Stardust, Lady Asteria's The Pandorioum, related services, items and quests are all protected from accused bugs.


Pixie Stardust is reference to a stereotypical stripper name.


Still a work in progress ~ Written by SaintPain

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