50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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Damn dirty Hippies— Deputy Director Mr. Bravo

(In the year of FO4)

Mr. Brovo is the outspoken, ultra patriotic, Deputy Director of a pre-war covert government organization referred to only as The Agency. Even now more than 200 years after the Great War he continues to remain at his post just as if the world he knew had never came to a fiery end.


Paraphrased from his diary located on a medium locked Computer in the Command Center.

Mr. Brovo was born on October 4th, 2035 in Evanston, Illinois. Real name : Eliot Hoover

He attended Northwestern University, just north of Chicago, on an advanced placement drama scholarship with a 2nd major in Law Enforcement, for which he graduated as valedictorian with a dual masters degree. Straight out of school he secured a field agent position with the C.I.A's Washington DC office. Within a year his distinguished service had attracted the attention of a covert government branch known as "The Agency". As they appealed to his patriotism Eliot Hoover was more than willing to move to L.A. and trade his given name for several different code names as he rose to the rank of Deputy Director with the current designation of Mr. Bravo.

A real company man, Mr. Bravo never had time for a wife but if his own diary can be believed as evidence of his prowess with the ladies then it could be imagined, once upon a time he reveled in the life style portrayed in songs like "Secret Agent Man" up to the very end of his world.

Mr. Bravo's diary account of the day the old world ended was apparently recorded more than a month after fact. This section was for the most part, written in a very cold, matter of fact, report style.

On Oct. 23rd 2077 the Director, Mr. Alfa, was away in Washington DC and the majority of the L.A. branch agents were out on assignments, leaving less than several junior agents to monitor the phones and illegal wire tap recorders as Mr. Bravo meant to just step out to the side walk and grab a quick hot dog from a street vendor. The account of exactly what happened next he never recorded as the diary just drops off there for a few months as if it were no more than an unfinished task that he never got back to.

When the diary picks up again it is of a slightly more relaxed style even though the events he relates are quite dark. He describes in some detail how it feels to see your skin break out in lesions and festering wounds, then turn dry and cracked like old leather as he succumbed to ghoulification.

Other files on Mr. Bravo's computer tell the fate of the other remaining agents that survived the bombs. Agent Victor put a bullet in her brain at 9 am on a Tuesday. Agent Echo went out on a scouting mission and he was never heard of again. Agents Juliett and Kilo drank poison as part of a highly unauthorized same sex lovers suicide pact. It was a violation of protocol that earned them booth a posthumously awarded discommendation and finally agent Whiskey died at his desk, apparently of natural causes, just 13 days after his 51st birthday. Mr. Bravo has been alone ever since.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
  • Get my Mojo back
    *Completing the collection
Involved in quests: yesIcon check
  • Live, Learn, Survive!


Get my Mojo back : The White Zombie Clan have lately been more aggressive in their efforts to breach the Broken chamber. It seems Mr. Bravo holds them responsible for the resent damage that collapsed a good portion of the Broken chamber into the sewers.

Mr. Bravo Always thought they were just a new gang of the what he calls "Damn dirty Hippies" but this bunch of raiders actually breached the lower access halls and manged to steal something he treasured. Mr. Bravo dose not much care how it's done, but if the player's character wants his help, they will have to find and retrieve his Briefcase.

If you complete the quest Get my Mojo back Mr. Bravo will unlock the door to the "Private Chambers" store frount, other wise the only other option to complete the Live, Learn, Survive! quest is to Kill Mr. Bravo and take the key off his dead body.

Optional Quest: Completing the collection. If you return his briefcase he will let you momentarily hold his Vault Boy "Climbing" Paperweight. He then tells you it is quite precious to him and he will offer to pay $100 each, for all of the Vault Boy Paperweights you can find.



  • The optional quest Completing the collection may be started but it could not be completed within the parameters of the Apprentice contest.
  • The agents code names are clearly taken from the NATO phonetic alphabet. Example: Lima is pronounced LEE-MAH and Bravo is pronounced BRAH-VOH.
  • Mr. Bravo levels along with the player but at a rate of two to one. So if the player's character has 100 hit points Mr. Bravo would have 200.
  • If the player's character is caught stealing or hacking locked, (Private), computers such as the one with Mr. Bravo's diary files, it would turn Mr. Bravo immediately hostile.
  • While unconfirmed, the many computers that can be hacked throughout the Broken camber give clues that the type of investigations "the Agency" was involved with might link them, at least in a common porous, with the rumored Unamerican Activities Force or a very similar organization.
  • If the game could go on beyond the Apprentice contest, it could be assumed that if Mr. Bravo is allowed to survive he might use "The Stranger" as an agent in covert actions for some optional quests beyond the Broken Chamber.