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SaintPain AKA Casper 1984

Do you want the truth ? I doubt it. That alone should tell you much about me. Still the truth is I lived it.

I am an overly vein creature borne of love to good folks. What my path has made of me is my own doing, more or less..

Once upon a time..

Less than three short months after JFK's assassination there were only three TV channels, the War in Vietnam and race riots played on all them. The cold war was hot in the papers & magazines. Quite whisperers was the language of adults, children were to be seen but not heard ~ That was the world I was borne into.

Shows like Leave It To Beaver and Dennis the Menace were in constant rerun, effectively freezing our view of the American dream in the year 1964. Hogan's Heroes and The Rat Patrol would like wise fill the void with idolized stories of WWII and how America made fools of those Nazis and our side never lost.

Most of the time kids were forced to play outside in a effort to shield us from the war that then the real world played on the news to give our folks some some space to think, fret and pray that Jesus would deliver us all, cause to them it was indeed the END 'O DAYS!

Still time clicked on and days like all dirty little secrets. We kids heard from the shadows the truth of the adult world.

  • I was borne into a very large patriotic family. We knew our uncles were away at real war.

Our games like wise were live action role playing long before the term larping was even a dream. We played make believe and we always played war in a world at WAR. Yes war, war never changes..

In time I to grew to be a man and I became a man of War, a soldier, an over proud, boastful paratrooper.

  • A son of my nation 82nd Airborne all the way!

I would have killed more than 1/2 the world if ordered to with out a pause for breath. Back in the day the whole world seemed trigger happy..

  • Now I am getting to the point ~ Waite for it ~'}

I made some edits to better set the stage but I am tired now. I will add new hopefully more entertaining content tomorrow.

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