Just to keep my self amused I like to spawn unnamed enemies to randomly fight.

With fallout 3 it was easy. I have base IDs for lots of folks that I loved to kill, some, after the first placeatme even started to respawn on their own every 3 days or so.

I have a note book full of forced encounters. i.e.

My wild bunch from Fallout 3 : Some names I just made up but the commands worked & they all liked to fight.

Radroach King 00030de1

Waistland Recluse 0003ed60

V106 Crazed Clone 000c11121

Hostile Ted 000a873e

Sid 000a6d67

Jason Proud c9ae0

Manny knoch 97f39

A Wanderer 000c825b

Mad Jony Wes 00030104

Type Player.placeatme X 1 1 ( x being the base ID )

Alone they aren't much but in a bunch it gets entertaining.

So here's my personal NV project

I need base IDs for random New Vagas types. No named evil ne're do wells & violent haters.

Scorpion gang leader female

Scorpion gang leader male

Scorpion gang member female

Scorpion gang leader male

Fiend Male

Fiend Female

Any & all non quest specific violent types, I need base IDs

Like I said it's just a personal project.

I am a bit of an artist, if ya need badges I'm sure I could doodle an odd award or 2.

  • Most of all I would be grateful for your help.

That was broke afore I got here! 02:30, June 13, 2011 (UTC)