Oil Rig GONE Raven Rock GONE

These are facts beyond question!

HOWEVER The old wold Flag, still may fly and so, get used to it world !

  • The American DREAM would rise from the ashes.

Once upon a time before the bombs fell..

  • According to canon The US President & "His Enclave" took secret shelter on an oil rig.
  • Mean while, Also according to canon ZAX , an artificial intelligence, maintained a complex at Raven Rock.

The knowledge of the old world and it's ideals were burned into the deepest subway tunnels with posters, held out in pristine, Pre War Books. People pass on stories.

The USA was broke down into commonwealths. Each had Representatives presumably as "Human" as the President who cut out with his best Representatives only to rise again as a NEW HOPE.

  • The ZAX Raven Rock crew felt they had just as much right to rule.

Every Commonwealth of the USA could easily Fallow suit

I'll dig it up time and again. These are game FACTS to back this.

  • Y'all can't kill an IDEA.

The Flag can be a cause onto it's self.. Just hearing of it can make a dream to rise from the ashes..

Just because the last self proclaimed rulers proved to be cowards with lies & an Oil rig defending them dose NOT mean some other commonwealth state, site might not also rise for better or worse!

Every major US city has had bunkers since BEFORE the cold war.

  • Any could house the next Claim to the Chain of Command.

Patriotism was as near & dear to our hearts as Religion..

It is the American Dream that any man may one day be Pestilent Bay Bay !

  • If a crew of Post apocalyptic pilgrims wandered the wastes until they gathered enough weapons, armor & PATRIOTIC zealots to BELIEVE again in Manifest Destiny

Any & all of the Above options are more than possible.. You can't kill a dream.

The NCR is just 1 of many Enclaves AKA remnants of the Government

You can't kill an IDEA..

You can reshape it but there will always be some new punk on the block who thinks they can do the SAME THING only with a new twist.

  • According to canon there was more than one Commonwealth. Each was akin to what we in the USA call states, each had a government.

Every states government that had surviving members of Governmental representation, or even JUST their resources might rise as the NEW TRUE ENCLAVE.

  • Dig IT ~ YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA !!!!!!!