Many of us are role players.

At times it spills over into polls or other fun places like some of our blogs & I don't mean to stop that fun now or ever! Fallout is a role play series ~ Most of the joy I find here is in see'n y'all's characters.

  • Eden is our perhaps most outspoken Enclave poster child.. He is programmed that way as far as I can see.
  • The eternal maggot farmer AKA The Ever Ruler Is a Walker who can still laugh about it. (Warning) This could be a Zombie plot to throw us off guard.. Wear a hat ~ This might protect you or it might just keep your brains warm for later... I'm just say'n..
  • Agent C has this whole News Radio thing go'n on along with his fetish for "The Hole's" blood sport.
  • Dead Gunner Is some thing, but I'm not quite sure what? The top two answers are "Game show host" & "Armed census taker".

There are lots of y'all I still really never got a handle on.

I am Saint Pain. The Saint of all sinners, General War Pig, depending on which way the wind blows or who you ask, Savior or Destroyer of nations.

What is your Role?