Detroit Michigan is a major piece of American History.

  • What do you think you know of it, Real or imagined as part of the fallout universe past, preset and future.

I think it would be an epic location with it's link to the great lakes that leads to the Atlantic ocean. It's rail yards once pumped like arteries of the American dream. Gushing power coast to coast from sea to shining sea and deep into the south lands.

Motown, The motor city! Steel that forged a free'er world with the blood sweat and tears of WWII. Crown of America's auto industry. The soul of ROCK'n Roll!

  • Please do share all you ever heard of or dreamt to be related to the Fallout universe and this most funky fine location, please ?

Fallout past, present & future speculation..

Come one, Come all ~ But I'm personally most interested in any canon you might know.

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