50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
This page is a part of the Fallout: The Apprentice contest. It should not be confused with in game content.
Hang in there bay bay !.— Vault Boy "Climbing" paper weight inscription.

As any child on the playground monkey bars illustrates, Climbing is a skill as common as walking. It is only the Agility, Endurance, Strength and experiences that differentiates that child from a master rock climber.

The mechanics of climbing


  • Initial level % =0 + Agility + Endurance + Strength

Example: An Agility, Endurance and Strength of 5 in each stat puts the player character's climbing speed at 15% of their maximum sneaking speed.

  • At level 50 climbing skill the character gains the ability to climb more stealthily, equal to 1/2 their sneak ability, increasing as they gain skill. So at 100% their climbing speed and related stealth would be equal to 100% of their current Sneak skill.

Face a climbable surface and crouch, this will open a pop up climbing menu. Selecting climb shifts the game to a 3rd person view and you then move left, right, up, down or diagonally along the climbable surface. When you reach the top, bottom or edge of any accessible ledge, the option to stop climbing will appear and you may then proceed with normal movement from a starting crouched position.

Affected weapons

*All weapons are effected.

The player's character is most vulnerable while climbing due to their inability to use any weapon, even the Explorer's Multi-Tool is restricted to it's use as a mountaineering pick while climbing.

Ways to increase climbing skill / speed and climbing stealth


  • The Climbing skill and the related items have never appeared in any Fallout game as yet, other than for the purposes of The Apprentice contest.